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Your game is really promising!
The whole setting and story is captivating from the first moments. The fact that every time you go through the rooms something would change and more of what is going on is revealed is a great way to tell a story.
Enemies and jumpscares are well put too. Nothing predictable or repetitive, as seen in other games. Just the right amount to set the atmosphere of the game.
Graphics wise the game is looking pretty good, considering it is an indie production running on UE3.
What actually made me get into the game is the sound design. The selection of the music tracks is fitting. In combination with the sound effects the result is splendid. Different music tracks playing each time you go through the rooms is a nice touch too.
Puzzle wise I found the one with the mirror and the floor missing pretty clever. Rarely horror games have that clever puzzles in my opinion.
I didn't get the point of the healing items btw. Maybe I didn't reach to the point of the game where combat is introduced. Same with the usability of pressing V to narrow your fov. But again maybe I didn't understand what it was supposed to be.
Sadly I didn't find all the numbers to call for help, but I got close I think.
Nevertheless the game has a lot of potential and I wish we will see a full fledged version of the game.
Keep up the good work!!

Thank you very much.  This is my first project and I really want to do it as qualitatively as possible.
Thanks to players like you, it motivates me to create high-quality content.  😊
I watched your video, I really liked it.  👍👆🤘
Thanks again!!!

No problem! ;)
As I said the game is pretty good, so keep it up!!
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :D