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Лучшая игра!!! 

The guy solved the problem. ;)

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Thank you for the detailed response. I will now repack to another archive (format) and upload it to the site. Thanks again...
p.s. Done)

Really? Read the comments below, people play. All perfectly. Try another archiver ...

Thanks you!!!

In fact, you are not the first one who points to the unfinished second part. Most likely this is due to the fact that the first part was given more time. In the final version, everything will be balanced.
Thank you very much for the passage. I was happy to see the complete passage in your performance.

I like your video ... and the reaction)
Thank you!:)

Hello! I changed the address of the page. Tell me, how can I secure my page? Thank you in advance.

If you do not use the client, then try to download the game again and disable the antivirus.
Another try another archiver.

Momo —

first-person scary game.

You are Max, who was not afraid of Momo and wanted to call her. Only here, in the afternoon it will not be so scary to call, but at night, and even when parents are not at home - it's really scary cool thought Max ... Night came, Max turned off the light in the whole house and called momo. Nobody answered, Max called many times and eventually fell asleep ... When he woke up, he was very scared. There was neither his bed nor the room. Solid corridors and blood everywhere. Max thought he was still asleep, but it was not a dream ...

Hello!! I congratulate you on the completion of the game. A good passage, I gladly looked at it whole (+ demo), i liked your video.
Thanks you!!!:)

Darkrite —

first-person dark horror.

This story tells us about the guy who just moved into the new house. Everything was fine, until strange things began to happen in the house. In this house there is someone else. Will you help the protagonist understand this?

Ui-ban —

first-person runner game.

A story about a girl who went to a terrible forest, collect the notes of the missing children.

Unbridled Horror —

first-person dark psychological horror.

This story tells us about the teenage-girl, who once has awaken in a strange place. She doesn't remember, what's happened to her and she doesn't know, where she is. Will you help her to remember everything? Overcome the fears? Find the way home? Or you will live her alone in such ominous place forever?

Hello! You have a really funny video. I really liked it. Thanks for the cool passage.:)

Thank you for your feedback! There is a passage. Maybe he will help you! If not, let me know.

Thanks you! 

Good video! Thanks you!😍👍

Five circles, this is only the first chapter.

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early access (full)

I'm glad you liked it! I like your video. 😉🤟

I'm very glad that you liked it. Complete the game completely, you will like it. ✌😉


Hello! Try to manually start from the directory -UDKGame/Win32/UDK.exe

I'm glad you liked it very much. 🤟😉

I'm very glad that you liked it. I really liked your video. Play the full version (early access), it is bigger, more interesting and the discount on it is 50%  😊😆 If you need help, contact us! 😉👌
Thank you!

The easiest way to change the language of the game:

delete the folder "RUS" from the directory - UDKGame\Localization 

Thank you very much! I liked watching the video 🤟😉
Early access is already available, if you are interested, take a look 🤟😉🤞👌

Thanks you! 🤟🤘😉

Thank you very much! Very soon release 😊🤘
I watched your video, I really liked it. 👍👍🤟👆

Glad you liked it. 😊

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Hm...Strange.. Try to completely uninstall the game, and then reinstall it.
If this does not help, try downloading the game here:

Thank you very much.  This is my first project and I really want to do it as qualitatively as possible.
Thanks to players like you, it motivates me to create high-quality content.  😊
I watched your video, I really liked it.  👍👆🤘
Thanks again!!!

It's my pleasure. 😏

Thanks you!  😊

Thank you very much!! I like your video. 🤟🤟🤟

There are two options.
1) Open the configuration file UDKEngine and find the line "Language = RUS"
and replace "RUS" with "ENG"
2) Create a shortcut and game and add the key "-Language = ENG"
Examples are "UDKGame \ Play".