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can i add your game in my website?

(all credits give to you)

great game bro

Great work. good job  bro👍

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Thank you very much.i was downloaded your game.excellent work.but some points need to update like game controls.9/10 good luck for future works😊🖒👌

(Try to add new creepy things👻😨)

Can you send the assest links 


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 Because He was followed me.

Is this game support to android 6.0 version ? I like to download this game. cool graphics.good luck

And also check out my horror game because i need a feedback to it


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I found a username. I don't know if it is a bot, but when I clicked on the username url, there was a porn ad in it.

username link :-

Thanks for reply soon

amazing game.but you need to focus about your game graphics.good luck😀8/10

Me too

 I can't report them.

A short horror spooky game.

In 2009,

There was a woman in this house. But suddenly she died mysteriously. She has two little children. After her death, her children have also died mysteriously like their mother and several rings have gone missing from nearby houses. And no one who has visited this house has returned.

your task:-find 8 rings in this house and escape from this house.

(This is  a demo version)

Game link play now :-

*you need to find 8 hidden rings in this house

*and go to the main door to finish the game

Amazing and cool tank game. great and good luck 👍

(What game engine was used to make this game?)

Great Game .i love this game. good job bro 👍

Great Short horror game.good luck

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Wow very challengefull game.good work👍😊

my vote :- 8/10

Great horror game.creepy and interasting

Great shooting game.good work

Thanks for play our game.👍😊

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I got 174 scores in this game. great👍

simple but fun and interesting

Great pixal game.good work😊👍

Funny and interesting game.👍

We fixed those mistakes. thank you👍

Thank you very much for play our game.and thanks for follow us🖒😊.we will hope to fix some tiny bugs in this game.can you tell one bug in this game?

Great game👍.

ok thank you very much

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still no answer. I want to upload my game to a game jam.what am i do now? Can you help me?


I already asked for help but still no answer

I want to submit my game to a game jam.  But when I press the submit button ,  I get a message saying "Jam submissions are limited on your account".  How do I fix it? Can anyone help or guide me?

Please write a comment about this game😊🙏

Thank you👍👍😀😀. I will see about that.

please anyone follow me🙏

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Thanks for your comment🙏👍.I will rate your game.

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Thanks for your comment👍👍😊.there is some tiny bug.i will fix it soon.i will hope you enjoyed this game.

1.Do you think this game awesome?

2.what are  the places need to update as you think?

Please write a comment about this game....🙏👍

Thanks for your comment.👍👍I'll find out about that.

Thank you bro 👍👍😊

Yeah. I know 👍. I added a new game. I think it fits the theme. check it out. Thanks for playing my game. 


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Please write a comment about this game👍🙏

Great and beautiful game. I like this game

Ok. thanks for playing my game👍🏻👍🏻