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I'll have to see if I have the time to contribute. The past week has been very busy with a new job, but hopefully I can make it happen.

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In the past, I've made games solo, but I'm looking to join a team for this. my strengths are in visual design, and coming up with interesting ideas for games. I can also do sound design and 3D modeling and some coding as well. if you're a team of game designers who wait until the last second to find someone to join you, I'm your guy!

Well thank you for taking a look! I'm adding better instructions if you want to give it another try

Since you're not the first to say it I'll make more detailed instructions right now :)

Here's a tiny preview of the 4 types of Plants you can grow in my game. They are renewable energy sources, and also flowers.

I'm pretty sure you would only be judged on the four color game boy version, but nothing is stopping you from making another version of your game that's not in the contest.

Thanks! =)

Hmm, that might be interesting to create a prisoners dilemma kind of situation. I'll have to give it some thought

I definitely see what you mean, and I plan on adding quite a few things after the jam!
Thanks for the feedback! :D

Glad you liked it, and yeah I plan on adding quite a few things after the jam, especially a restart button.
I'll be sure to check out your entry soon! =)

Here's the thread to let out all the screaming from trying to get the submission in on time!

I managed to make my game while at a Convention the whole weekend. OMAHLORDIMTIRED!!!

Very solid across the board! Visuals are great! Sounds are nice! Gameplay is simple and fun!

I am loving the aesthetic of this game so much! When the giant comes up from behind at the start is so cool! Gameplay is fun to try and avoid everything, although I think right now the bear traps don't kill you. Either way I liked what I saw! :D

Nice game! :D

That Red Rangers got some mad ups! Somehow button mashing and wildly flinging yourself around is really fun even if it just gets you killed very quickly. After I did that for a bit I managed to almost defeat the crab once!

Glad you enjoyed it! I really liked your game as well! =)

Thanks for checking the game out! =D
It's interesting because originally I was just making a crane game where you try to get the most money for a high score, and you go to a restaurant to eat, and then go home to sleep, but the lack of time forced me to just put everything in the crane machine. It went from a silly take on an arcade classic, to a super depressing allegory about how minimum wage workers are treated.

Lol it do be like that sometimes!

Being cool wasn't good enough, eh! You had to be the coolest concept possible!
Synthwave Ninja Gaiden on Motorcycles! Awesome work all around!

I flew in hot having no idea what I was doing, bonked into the side of a tree, and watched it fly away without the 3 survivors, as bees began to swarm me! Hillarious! XD

It's a fun little game with no time to take anything seriously! Too busy flying through the debris faster than I probably should be in a Teacup.

What a neat, charming game! =D

The game play is fairly easy to understand after trying it out for a minute, and the design solidifies the whimsical, care-free vibe. Nice job!

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Thanks for checking it out! This was my first time working with a darker theme/plot so I'm glad it showed through.

If you're pumped for the game jam, shout it out!

My first game jam was just a month ago, and this is my second ever! Also this is my first game jam with my new studio name! Time to put Neon Pie Games on the map! LET'S DO THIS! =D

I'd say try to do it, and bear in mind that you just might not be able to finish in time, or might have to submit a demo at the end.

Thanks! I'm planning on updating things after the jam end so look forward to it! :)

Thanks! There actually wasn't anything in post process, I just had a set of colored directional lights that spin around to create the effect.

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glad you liked the idea! My recordings were super quick, so I might redo some of them or touch up the sound in the future

I'm glad you at least gave it a try! :)

thank you for the comment, and it's not just you with the wall jumping. A few people have mentioned it's inconsistency, so once the jam is over I'll be fixing that.

I love the atmosphere of this game! It's somber, but not sad. Dark, but not grim. Reminds me a bit of Castlevania if it was puzzle based instead of combat based.

The mechanics are solid, and fit the theme very well. Also this might be a hot take, but I disagree with people saying the ghosts take too long. Watching the ghost make all the mistakes you did makes you contemplate how the mechanics work, and what can be done with them. It teases you with the idea that if you whiff a jump, you'll be watching yourself mess it up again, and works as a motivator to nail it the next time. It gives me a bit of a speedrunner mentality that I want to try to make the most efficient run that I can, and that every life in the process matters.

Overall it has very few issues, and a lot of great things going for it! Well done!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! =)

First of all thank you so much for the feedback! This definitely gives me plenty to work with, and I'll be sure to try your game when I get the chance.

I think the confusion about when to die comes from the fact that you first need to reach the start of the level to activate it. I wanted to make more visual effects that distinguish when the level is active, but the only change is that the title is shown at the top, and some levels have extra spikes when active. If you die when the levels inactive it just restarts you automatically without showing the menu (I wanted to give it the feel of being in a test mode that differs from how the game would 'normally work')

1: Activate level by touching entrance door
2: Die
3: ???

As for the wall jumping  it did come out a bit weird. It works well if you wait for the cube to actually hit the wall, and then press the buttons as it's not slowed down by its momentum in the opposite direction, but holding the buttons down the wall jump happens slightly before touching the wall which is probably what messed it up. I think it's partially because of the spinning of the box, but also because of the trigger collider around the player used to identify what kind of surface you're on might be too big. I'll have to play around with some possible solutions for it, or at least explain it better like I just did now.

The narrations were completely improvised in like 5 minutes on the last day lol. If I'm updating this game, that's the first thing I'd work on. I think I'd keep what I have, but trim some lines down, and add new ones that explain things a bit better.

I'm glad to see that this game idea in general has potential, and I think once the jam is over I'll do some touch ups to fix these issues, and maybe add another level or two. Thanks again for the feedback! =)

I had fun with it! I'd love to see it expanded upon with more levels in the future.

I'd love to hear more feedback on my game as well! The Last Level

Thanks! Glad you had fun

Playing this reminded me a lot of playing classic flash games years ago!

Charming, and fun! Would play again!

Now that we've all had a little time to get feedback on our work and take in everything we've accomplished, I want to know what you would have done differently or changed about your game if you had the time, and if you ever plan on updating those things in the future.

For me if I decide to update my game I'm going to work on tweaking the level design more so that the progression works better, and I'm going to rerecord my narration so that I'm not just rambling on to myself and saying 'uhh' every other word. More than likely though I'm going to be focusing on other projects in the future, so for what it is I am happy with my game.

thank you for the detailed feedback! I could've made it more clear that you need to reach the start of the level and then die to progress, and I tried to make the tough levels easier one way than the other, but it would've needed more testing to really work out. Also I probably should've done more than one take for the narration. I literally just came up with it on the spot and threw it in.

If I decide to expand upon the game, I'll know what needs to be worked on, so thanks again :)

Yeah I'm glad it came out as well as it did! :)

Thanks, glad you had fun :)

Thanks, and yeah I could've made it more clear that you die once the level is active. Glad you liked it though :)