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Get them while they are temp hot and free. You have a week left. Note permanently free assets, you can bag from Epics's previous video games, to use for your games and demos etc, respectfully.  Enjoy the video.  

My best tip to all of you is get an Unreal account, and a Unity account. Via Unreal Engine 4 and 5, free assets are offered each month on their Marketplace.  First Tuesday of every month, is Unreal Tuesday. There's always something worth looking out for, that may make your game demo, or full game, that much better.  Unity may have something similar for free monthly assets, but I don't use my Unity account as often.  Enjoy.

Note, others may know more than me, but good luck. Ask around. 

Unity will allow you to make a demo of your game, faster, but as far as fps games, Unreal 4 + 5, Godot if you want to learn that, Cry Engine and good old Source Engine, from TF2, will allow for competent fps demo and full games. Question is why settle for a PS1 style of graphics? Are you personally nostalgic for that fps era, or trying to sell it to others in that fps aesthetic? All may give you what you want, via plug ins and mods. Look around, and you'll find what you want. Good luck with your project. Personally, I 'd go with Unity 5, and Unreal 4. 

Hello, everyone.  New on here, so bare with me. Just wanted to enquire, if any of you are creating for and using Build Box game creation software/app?  Trying to connect for some small game projects, if possible to larger indie products.  Go google Build Box, to gain access to their website.  Thanks. Happy creating.

Atomic Picnic looks really good. Best of luck with it. Will sample your demo when PC, Steam Deck etc permits my do so. (In PC upgrade holding pattern) Will be watching the reviews for your game.