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Hi, I tried the demo on my Linux desktop (Debian Testing, rx590 AMD GPU) and it starts fine but whenever there is dialog it draws a big black box over it:

Much improved!  The sound effects and UI changes make it a lot easier to play.  I got through it and made a new queenie just in time thanks to the vinehopper :)

You play tokens in the top row by clicking on them.   Coins add to your cash for the round which you can use to purchase more coins, spells or village protections.  The spells all have unique abilities depending on the order you play them, check the Legend button for more info on each of them.

I'm seeing the same flickering artifacts here too on debian w/ nvidia.  Have not had any issues with other unity games.

I'd also like to see a native Linux version, let me know if you need any more help testing/troubleshooting this.