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It was somewhat enjoyable

I love it! I want more! (Maybe a reset button for rooms would be nice tho)

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I love the ideas of the mechanics and story. I love the art and graphics. The movement is very wonky. and so is the camera movement. It makes it uncomfortable to play. I also feel it needs more to look at when your in parts that don't have much to. Like the ladder at the beggining or the platforms on top of it.

Slow/boring (Yes, even when I hold Shift): Some things take too long. Like dying or pulling a lever. Rotating the fan. Okay most things take too long to do. If i'm going to be taking a long time to do something I may as well have some nice scenery to look at. (as mentioned above). I'd prefer making those things quicker though.

Movement: Changing direction is too slow and feels very uncomfortable. Weapons and all of they're mechanics feel slow and uncomfortable. Just decrease how long it takes to do everything.

Enemies: The beginner enemies should probably die after one combo. After already completing a combo it gets really tiring to have to repeat something that's not challenging at all.

Hints: In a puzzle game, I hate being told how to do the puzzle. How else am I supposed to figure it out? Please make the hints toggleable, or make them an option you can press if you want hints and are stuck. Adding onto that. I never understood that those things gave you back ammo for your weapons. I think hints should tell you the mechanics of the puzzle, but not tell you how to do the puzzle.

Looks like an INSIDE rip off. Is an INSIDE rip off/inspired by INSIDE. I love the graphics and scenery design though. amazing. Gameplay wasn't fun. Puzzles weren't fun. they were too easy, and yet the 'echo' easily got desynced with my character. (I don't know if that last part was done on purpose). Also, as amazing as the graphics and scenery were, overly detailed places would be shown in short instances of walking from one place to another, not giving too muich of a chance for it to be admired.  Finally, the one eared sound effects in certain places were irritating. The sounds should've been more balanced out, even if they were coming from one direction.

Tl;dr: I loved how it looked, it had major flaws that wouldn't sell as a proper functioning game.

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Some stuff said on the discord about this:


Turns out I can't finish the game as originally intended for a number of reasons technological and practical. This is entirely a failing on my part. The good news is, the multiplayer is basically done, so I'm currently polishing it up and finishing it. The bad news is, no one pays for indie multiplayer-only games unless you're Towerfall. The good news is that, because of that, I'm planning to release the game for free and public domain. Look for a release very soon. 

Why was this so fun? it provided a simple challenge, of having to pass through 3 levels of increasing difficulty, in a rouge-like manner, only with 5 lives and varying checkpoints.

The controls were very simple, and the mechanics of the game are simply fun.

It's not a complex game, but it's worth playing.

Also the camera is bad.    :>

At first I thought the game was a bit annoying to play, but then it actually turned out to be really fun. but please, please, PLEASE change the music for different areas. it gets sickening after hearing too many times.