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A topic by Nekothyst created Aug 14, 2018 Views: 86
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I love the ideas of the mechanics and story. I love the art and graphics. The movement is very wonky. and so is the camera movement. It makes it uncomfortable to play. I also feel it needs more to look at when your in parts that don't have much to. Like the ladder at the beggining or the platforms on top of it.

Slow/boring (Yes, even when I hold Shift): Some things take too long. Like dying or pulling a lever. Rotating the fan. Okay most things take too long to do. If i'm going to be taking a long time to do something I may as well have some nice scenery to look at. (as mentioned above). I'd prefer making those things quicker though.

Movement: Changing direction is too slow and feels very uncomfortable. Weapons and all of they're mechanics feel slow and uncomfortable. Just decrease how long it takes to do everything.

Enemies: The beginner enemies should probably die after one combo. After already completing a combo it gets really tiring to have to repeat something that's not challenging at all.

Hints: In a puzzle game, I hate being told how to do the puzzle. How else am I supposed to figure it out? Please make the hints toggleable, or make them an option you can press if you want hints and are stuck. Adding onto that. I never understood that those things gave you back ammo for your weapons. I think hints should tell you the mechanics of the puzzle, but not tell you how to do the puzzle.