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Looks like an INSIDE rip off. Is an INSIDE rip off/inspired by INSIDE. I love the graphics and scenery design though. amazing. Gameplay wasn't fun. Puzzles weren't fun. they were too easy, and yet the 'echo' easily got desynced with my character. (I don't know if that last part was done on purpose). Also, as amazing as the graphics and scenery were, overly detailed places would be shown in short instances of walking from one place to another, not giving too muich of a chance for it to be admired.  Finally, the one eared sound effects in certain places were irritating. The sounds should've been more balanced out, even if they were coming from one direction.

Tl;dr: I loved how it looked, it had major flaws that wouldn't sell as a proper functioning game.

We're glad you liked parts of it, and especially the art as we consider it to be just as important as gameplay when it comes to telling a story through an interactive medium such as games. We'll make sure gameplay sits just as tight as art the next time.