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The Mysterious Journey

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There was an error in the prison, the ceiling was being collided with.

Quick update to fix episode 2. It had a collision error when aiming inside the prison. This update includes more powerful weapons as well, so the game is a little easier :)

Thank you very much :)

Play this next episode as a prisoner who recieves an unexpected release date. 

Episode 2 is just about ready.

I've added the game to a few other sites, please check it out at GameJolt

GameJolt has a lot of streamers so it'd be nice to move up the lists there.

The soldiers have like 3-4 times as much health as some of the zombies which is probably too much, i was figuring because they would have bullet proof vests it made sense, but overall everything is too strong, i'd rather make them weaker than less of them, its nice to have as many zombies as possible.

I will definitely make them easier to kill. You did good again. Have you tried the second character? He is stronger and faster. (he is a prisoner) Also you can hit U to use that potion. 

The next update is currently uploading. Special thanks to QUEEN FAITH 89 for playing and recording her session.

This update has better collision for the vehicles, brighter lighting, and lights on the items/weapons to make them easier to locate. The easy mode also got a little easier.

Your video inspired update 4, which is uploading now. I improved the collision on the vehicles. I also increased the ambient light to make it a bit brighter, and I put lights on the weapons and items to make them easier to find. I made the second characters level much brighter too to make that one even easier.

Good job though, you did great :) I am going to try to make the weapons easier to find.

I may have missed it, was the bug the collision on the cars? I'm going to fix it up now and make that detailed.

I just released the first episode of my game "Something Changed My Neighbors"

It was inspired by Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Please have a look at it. The second character is much easier. It's my favorite game I've made thus far. I'm going to release it in episodes. Episode 2 is coming soon.

The aim on the second character was broken, easy fix. Uploading now. He's much stronger than the girl, so if it's too hard, make sure you play with him. It's kind of easy mode, and once you get the hang of it with him and locate a few item spawns, you can go in with the girl and try.

First update is coming on launch day. I'm uploading it now. I had to fix the cop car that roams the map, while I was at it I added a mode where you can play as the character from the second episode. It's much easier, he has higher stats and starts with an AK47. If it's too hard, you should still kick ass with him.

It is actually supposed to run on Linux. But I don't have it and couldn't test. I'm glad you mentioned that. I will try and work taht out.

Awesome :) Good job completing it. Sorry about the fists, I needed to put some instructions!
I am proud of you. Send me a private message with your email or a pic of yourself and I'll make you a hero in the next episode :)

The Executable is titled "TheGreatDecay" It has an icon the hero and the princess. It should be in the first folder from the zip file.

You can get it here too apparently!

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By telling me this you have saved the princess and completed the main objective of the game; for she can not be saved by anyone without crossing the bridge - sadly you are not the first.

Thanks for testing it. I am going to fix the princess and the bridge today. I'm going to try and figure out why a lot of the AI is circling.

Hello, I am the developer of the series "Quest of Eternity." I have released a new episode of my game titled "The Great Decay"... I don't really have a website, but I have a good IndieDB page. It is available on and IndieDB. 
The IndieDB page can be found here: 

The first player to rescue the princess in The Great Decay will have the opportunity the be the main hero in the next available episode after their success. 

I have no beta testers and I am a solo developer, so anyone who is willing to play would be greatly appreciated.
Play "The Great Decay" here:

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I accidentally put " It is going to be free of course. The release is coming soon. "

It is free and released already :) Couldn't find the edit.

Hi :) Any one who is interested. There is a lot of flexibility since I can work in all areas.

Realm of Wretched Nightmares is a horrifying trip into a dark realm of chaos and death... Page

Youtube trailer:

Indie DB page:

My project is an episodic series called Realm of Wretched Nightmares. I am looking to get more people involved in the project. I am the sole developer and capable of completing all aspects of the project; therefor I can use mostly anyone.

You can check out the series on indiedb here:

Yes you will :) Episode 2 is coming available tonight or tomorrow morning! :)

Thanks MrPete! You should check out this trailer on youtube..

yes you will get the first six episodes. Also, the next episodes have a MASSIVE!!! increase in quality! You are getting an amazing deal when this in taken into consideration. The price will be increased by about 400% by the release of the third episode.

I will contact you immediately ;)

Realm of Wretched Nightmares is released, updated, and I'm now offering the upcoming episode 3 for free to anyone who purchases the first episode. page :

I recently created a new webpage; let me know what you think:

This is a 3D environment created for the game Realm of Wretched Nightmares. There's more like that, but each section is quite diverse. I am interested in getting opinions on these...

<a href="<img src=" http:="""" games="" realm-of-wretched-nightmares="" images="" ep33"="" title="EP3 - Indie DB" target="_blank">" alt="EP3" /></a>

<a href="<img src=" http:="""" games="" realm-of-wretched-nightmares="" images="" ep32"="" title="EP3 - Indie DB" target="_blank">" alt="EP3" /></a>

The normal mapping needs to be redone, but as far as atmosphere and coloring I'm curious what people think. I know with something so abstract there can be quite a variety of opinions.

Hello, I am the lead developer of Realm of Wretched Nightmares. I've recently expanded, and I'm considering allowing a few more people to come onto the development team.

I'm not looking for degrees or credentials. If you are right for the project we will both know .

Here is our page on

Here is our new website:

Realm of Wretched Nightmares... Episode One

Enter the Realm of Wretched Nightmares and survive through numerous horrifying hellscapes as you slay and flee heinous demons.