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I'm honoured this resonated with you to such an extent. Thank you so much for commenting <3 means a lot to me.

Clover!!! Thank you! I hope I get more time to make Twine projects too eheh, I have some ideas I think would look cool :]

thank you so much! I am glad you liked it and your thoughts on it mean a lot <3

Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot to me. I am flattered that this had such an impact on you, and happy that it made you want to write a zine. Whenever you do, let me know! I would love to read it <3

this was surprisingly emotional to play. short and sweet. liked it very much <3

I can only play the demo rn but it looks so good!!!! I love the aesthetic and the humour. Your art style is also sooo rad

Certeau! I have always liked the studying media and social sciences, but it was reading that book that I found there is a whole field of study precisely about the interaction between people and media.  It also gave me a new light on my own views on the importance of art and creative endeavours. So now I'm studying to get into uni and study midialogy (an habilitation inside social communications). It's only offered by this one uni in my country and I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't had an idea of what it was, but it's the perfect fit for me.

I have come back to this zine after all this time because reading the book you recommended literally gave me direction in what I want to study and do as a professional, and I would not have found it had it not been your link. For that, I thought I should say thank you, at least. Cheers.

I relate deeply to page five and four. Kate Bush. Black and white. Cryptic. Funky designs.

I have some genuine bad focus, and the horrible tomato layouts online only make me want to do things less, so this a great option! Thanks for making it!

You need to have each page separate, instead of the big pdf it gives at first! Then it should work.

This, like the other one about the nature of books, makes me think a lot on how I consume books and read, even write. Thank you for talking about this, too, because I would probably not have found such thoughts by myself. Great work!

This news of an update made me super happy and my day got way better, thank you! I love this tool a lot so this is very exciting <3 cheers!

this feels like mismatched childhood traumatic memories. It's quite well done.

I really like this! I think what initially called me to zines and self-publishing was this unrest I couldn't name, this feeling that I would lose control of the story I wanted to tell if I let others take my work and muddle it with their own agendas. So this hit close to home. Awesome project!

I fixed it! Was a problem on my end with the PNG format. After that was fixed everything worked out! Thanks for the quick reply :)

Hey! I tried it and all the pages are black, even if I play it on an test page! Not sure what I am doing wrong :/ Cheers!

I think perhaps I am just emotional, but the bit about anxiety made me feel Something. I remember having panic attacks like that, where your lungs feel Heavy and everything aches. I don't have them so much now, but still. It was a nice read. Thank you for publishing this!

This was so sweet! It was very nice to see people like myself, especially since my hair and clothes look from the 80's no matter what I do, in a comic! I love this a lot and it means a lot to me that there are people writing stories like this out there!!!

This is absolutely wonderful. I mean it.  I can't support financially at the moment, but I want to thank you for making this!

Running Away is a zine made during the six months of quarantine, and aims to bring some comfort to those that read it, or perhaps show that they are not alone in feeling so much during this difficult time. It is my first published project out of more to come, not very long and light to read.

I love TMA, so I'm having a blast with the fact that this exists. Gonna organise a session with some friends. Thank you!

Loved it. Did not regret downloading this one bit. Thank you.

I love your work, and this is no exception. This actually helped me a lot with sorting through my feelings and why I'm feeling X way. Having a list of actions and being able to feel understood through that made me realise a tantrum is just allowing oneself to feel. And it sounds like an obvious thing but I just realised it now. Thank you for making this! The design looks very neat as well.