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Hi. That looks like a Windows error message rather than a Lunar Jetman Remake (LJM) message. Please can you confirm that LJM is starting up and then failing. This can be done by first opening the game directory and then deleting the sys_log.txt file (if it exists). Next try running LJM again. Once it's failed check to see if the sys_log.txt file has then been created or not. Please let me know the outcome and we can take it from there.

Well spotted :) Lightwave was used to produce virtually all the animated ships and ground targets throughout the game. 

Iridium went live on Kickstarter at around 10AM GMT on the 1st of February. Its been a heck-tick day with only a couple of minor page updates. The Kickstarter is going well. During the course of the Kickstarter the demo version of Iridium will be updated.

Latest v0.32 video update :)

Latest screen grab showing the new in game upgrade UI.
New video coming soon :)

Recently updated to v1.3 after bringing the project forward onto my latest version of my graphics engine (JEng5). The main reason for this is to provide an up to date base to my friend who is looking into doing an Android port :)

New features include:

  • New colour additive explosions
  • Teleporter animation
  • Twinkling background stars
  • Level setup tweaks
  • Various bug fixes

Latest update and first use of Lightworks video editor :)

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Iridium in a new 2d shoot 'em up for Windows. It has been in development for a couple of years now.  Virtually all of the base game mechanics are in and working now. Recently I have spent a lot of time bug fixing and re skinning the first two stages of level one. There will be at least six levels in total each with 3 stages. All but the last two have been planned and have rough level layouts but still need a lot of refinement. 

I use the wonderful Tiled map editor for all my level design needs which is great as coding level editors is a real drag. My very talented friend uses Photoshop as well as some 3d rendering software to produce the graphics. The game is coded in C++ using my own graphics engine (JEng5).

Here is my latest video. It does not include my latest level updates and enemy ship size tweaks etc but I am planning on doing an updated video in the next week.

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I have just added my free Windows remake of the ZX Spectrum classic game 'Lunar Jetman'. The original was produced by 'Ultimate Play The Game' later known as 'Rare'. It's a hard game but so was the original.