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Thank you for your feed back! All valid points, combat is something I'd like to improve on the most and I'll take the first point and make sure it's applied for the next jam!

I loved it

Very cool app!

curious, what's the intended workflow? particularly for height map and roughness. The demos are really well done and I can't image my self coloring those values correctly.

If you're trying networking for the first time with itch there are 2 things I'd like to point out.

1. you have to use websockets. You can write you're code all the same as a normal networking project in godot, but just need to switch a couple of lines when you're done:  this post should help you

2. Your server/client need to run over wss/https: this post and this thread should help you too assuming you already know how to host a server. GL!

Hello! I'm trying to import these assets into godot, I don't see any provided material for the assets besides the textures for the floor. Thanks!

Cool I see, Is the PBR map the same for all robots? or is the one provided only for the Recon bot?

How did you export them from MagicaVoxel? I don't see any setting or export option haha. Thanks!

hard to say without seeing your scoreboard system, but assuming your networking is working good outside of itch then I would guess it's something to do with TLS. Making sure your using https or wss, your server has (up to date) certificates and what not.

Awesome stuff, I just purchased the extra content. As for the PBR map. How were these made? also exported from magicavoxel? and how are they used? they look a little different than the PBR files I've seen before. thanks!

Oh no! the exit was right around the corner. Glad you liked it though

Pretty cool, how did you make the 3D models from the assets?

Didn't get as much done as I wanted, but here it is.

I picked up godot recently, I only have the weekend, if anyone is interested in joining with me lmk