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Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much!

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I’m sorry if it’s too hard for you. This game was mainly an experiment as my first 3d game, so I hope you understand. It’s hard to make difficulty curves for game jams. Anyways, thank you for your feedback!

I agree. Thank you for your feedback! 

Thank you!

I did. I guess it's just a glitch. Anyways, I liked the graphics of the game and the length was perfect for a jam game!

I tried pressing right click but it wouldn't do anything. I was able to beat the game though without doing anything to the birds.

Couldn't figure what to do. I typed "it is not real" but I couldn't figure out what to press after that.

The story is short and interesting. Nice job.

Nice game! I appreciate the art style with just three colors per room!

Nice fun and simple game. I really enjoyed this!

Nice game! The controls were well made and it felt great to play.

Couldn't really figure out what to do. Anyways, nice job making a game in only 7 days!

Nice game! The thumbnail does not look like the game at all though lol.

Random game, but fun!

Kind of hard, but fun! Looks a lot like Paper Mario!

One of the best games so far! The puzzle design was great!


Cool game! I wish there was an easier way to tell which ones were fake and which ones were not.

Amazing for your first game jam! You even had an animated tutorial which is 1000x better / higher quality than many games I've played.

The game never explained the controls and I pressed a thousand buttons on my keyboard and mouse hoping something would happen but nothing did.

Awesome game! Fun and interesting mechanics!

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Really fun game! My favorite is the guy who is working on a game with a "handsome" raccoon. Nice job!

Cool game, I just would consider the way it fit the theme kind of annoying. I would recommend more sounds to indicate when you hit the pizza stealer robots.

This game was surprisingly fun! Nice job! I would recommend some more sound effects like when you die for example.

I tried to play your game 3 times but it just wouldn't load for me. This looks like a cool game from the screenshots though :)

Nice game! It just doesn't fit the theme that well.

I couldn't really figure out what to do, but the graphics looked great!

Sorry if this was too hard for you. This was my first 3d game so I thought I would try something like this.

Cool game idea! The game was very hard though.

Cool idea, but it wasn't very fun because all it consisted of was trial and error. I appreciate the effort that went into this!

I've played similar games like this before and I enjoyed this one. I liked the dialogue.

Interesting idea! Totally real

Definitely my favorite game yet! Unfortunately my head got stuck in the wall on the way to the meeting. This is an amazing game and is so fun!

Interesting game idea! I loved it!

Nice game! I couldn't find any other guns but the graphics looked cool.

Cool game, but I couldn't understand whatever language this way made in.

Cool game! I just didn't know if there was an end.

Funny game! I love the music!

Interesting game! I found a bug where you couldn't move up or down using the arrow keys.