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A nice start, I look forward to seeing it finished.

Nice fun game with a good sense of humor, and lots of interesting decisions.

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Good start, I'm anxious to play the rest of the game when you finish it.

Well-written, but quite linear.

It is a 60,000+ word twine game where you are trapped in a maze of dreams and must determine what is real. It has two different endings, each resulting from a decision made in the last layer. You can talk to a number of interesting characters in the game, including Iltara (a half-succubus), Ilgerenda (Iltara's daughter), Evan Times (a research mage who attached dragon wings to himself), and Sir Raulin Wylde (my version of Don Quixote). I tried to make these characters as interactive as possible, which I think is one of the main strengths of the game.

You can find the full version here:

You can find a free demo here:

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Quite linear, with very brief descriptions. Personally I like to be able to change the outcome and I also like quite long descriptions of what happened.

A bit unfinished, I managed to trigger a couple errors and found a blank passage (both related to the kelpie on the safer route). Overall good though, and managed to complete the game by backspacing until I could choose the faster route.

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Commander is a twine game complete with 5 different background songs and 6 story branches. In it you are a senior military officer on the losing side of a war. The goal is to survive and be able to live with yourself afterwards. At the end of each run, you will be told what the resulting outcome of your actions was, and what the world thinks of you afterwards. Here is the link:

Here is the passage map (split into multiple pieces due to size constraints):

Hi everyone.

I am Nathan. I am a Computer Science student. I just started doing Game Development a couple years back. So far I have been making twine games. I have been particularly interested in creating less linear twine games. I have currently just posted Commander, but am in the late testing stages for the current twine game I have been working on, the Dream Dilemna. So far I have worked alone, doing all the music and writing myself.