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Perhaps something like this:

Charming game! Make sure to add your Ludum Dare link to this page!

I'd love to play, but the lag is pretty bad on Chrome. I think I'm alone in it, but I can't walk anywhere with the frames.

Ooh how'd it run that far out? I've never been that deep:0

Woah! What a clean well put together game! I had a blast playing, the audio and art style is soothing and creates a good vibe.  Thanks!

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Can I get a link to the Ludum Dare page, so I can rate it! Nice game, I want to try multiplayer, but the vibe was good!

edit: oops I found it

Thanks so much! I've been searching out the sub games so I'll give yours a play!

Golly what a crafted experience!

Great game! sweet sound track

Such a great game! I played to the end and was fully enthralled!

Good concept, admirable that you went for a meaningful experience, and for sure a good example of an out of control system

Great game! I got through all of it, and each level was a good new idea from the simple mechanic.  Well done!

Really well put together.  I like the controls and it was simple and easy to understand.  Good unique idea too!

Awesome Game! it was loads of fun to play and I got pretty far.  Definitely a clever design and really nice clean art.  Good soundtrack too!

Awesome game, clean graphics and wild you made it so quick!

Yeah, by a little bit, it may have been my browser, but this time I was able to get through the whole game!

Great gameplay, fun puzzle potential

Good setup  for the game, its pretty tough, though it might be the latency so I downloaded it to see more. I really like the level setups, it seems like a good mechanic and well implemented.

Goodness gracious this game is inspired! The wobbliness is untamable and full on fits in the Out of Control.

This is a really good! I downloaded it just to play it more.  The design is clean, and the concept is awesome. 

I like the art, and the gameplay is pretty good.  Definitely rough on the controls, but the concept and mechanics work well!  Nice job! 

Great art and presentation, the mechanics were easy to understand and well implemented. I wasn't able to get past level one though:/ I think there was some issue. I completed the level but it wouldn't let me click next.  Overall just wish I coulda played more.

It was challenging, if I hadn't just done an all nighter I might've gotten further (I got stuck on level 3).  I liked the one time I managed to rag doll into the rock.  The concepts is sweet, and original.  The platforming bits were well put together and generally felt reactive and fun.  Good Job!

Nice Game! The randomized controls definitely had me confused.  As far as originality, random controls I think are pretty common, but the werewolf doctor is full original.  Great work!