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This was a really fun and unique concept! I think the replayability makes it a very good arcade-esque game. Some music and sfx would've added a lot to this. I would really appreciate it if you would also rate my game!

I really liked this! It felt polished and the overall game felt very complete. It took me some time to understand what it meant so maybe putting the list in front of the player's face before it moving to the left would make it clearer. I would really appreciate it if you could rate my game!

I really liked the gravity changing concept, but it would've been better if it was shown with a 2d ui since the 3d model was hard to read at times. Overall a pretty good game, I would appreciate it if you could rate my game as well!

I like it but it felt a bit repetitive, some story progression or different work environments would've been cool to see. Please also rate my game if you can!

It's good but some game progression would help a lot, the sound effects could also be polished a bit more and the music was a bit repetitive. I would really appreciate it if you could rate my game!

I enjoyed it! I think a sprint feature would be really nice along with a stamina system of course to limit it. I had some problems recognising the sword's collider range but overall it's a nice game. I would really appreciate it if you could rate my game as well!

I think it's pretty good but some things could be improved, I think scrolling to switch between scrolls would be a much better control since you can do it much faster than using the number keys. The sound effects could also use some work. I would really appreciate it if you could also rate my game!

I really enjoyed this game! The premise is very simple and the eel's movement was nice to just watch. A bit more variety in the obstacles would've been nice to see and the difficulty should ramp up smoother since it kinda goes from 0 to 100 right now. I would love it if you could also rate my game!

I really liked the overall aesthetic of the game even though the graphics was really simple. The random definition of chaos that shows up everytime you die is a really nice touch. I would really appreciate it if you would rate my game!

I liked the concept though some more polish would've added a lot. Sound effects, screenshake, and post processing would've been helpful. Some difficulty modes or powerups could also be good additions. Overall it's a pretty nice game. I'd really appreciate it if you rated my game!

I really liked it! I think an option to disable some post processing options would be very helpful since the performance is pretty bad on low-end machines. The soundtrack was simple and nice, some sounds for the dialogue would be nice. Kind of how the characters in Animal Crossing just say gibberish while the text appears. Overall a well polished game! I would really appreciate it if you would rate my game!

i really enjoyed your game! i think it needs a lot of balancing but it definitely fits in with the theme and i like how the bullets look when they shoot in sync! some art would've come a long way but overall it's pretty good!

ooh i like it! the graphics are really nice but it's really frustrating since you have to restart all the way at the start and there aren't any checkpoints. the sound design could use a bit more work but overall it's already pretty good! also please do rate my game if you have the time!

I really liked the concept and graphics! The music was also nice though something less chiptune might've been better. It was a bit hard to play since there were so many recipes and customers came in really fast but overall I enjoyed it! Also please do rate my game if you have the time.

I liked the graphics! but tbh I couldn't really understand what you were meant to do in the game, also I would really appreciate it if you would also rate my game!

I think the physics might be a bit off? The inertia whenever you move completely ruins your aim so a bit less force might be good for the movement. I really enjoy the concept of rotating to turn though!

I like the overall idea and design! I couldn't really figure out the controls but I think the overall game is pretty simple and fun.

ooh I see, yeah I think that would've been a really great addition!

Thank you for reviewing my game! Yeah I was going to add powerups but I realised that I might have overscoped my time frame lol. I'll be sure to review your game!

I dont really understand what you do here, there's no objective and/or challenge. I like the graphics but some sound design and music would be nice. I would appreciate it if you rated my game!

I like the graphics but I don't see much of a challenge here. A time limit or something would be nice to add some sort of challenge, and the sound feels off. I would appreciate it if you'd review my game!

Overall it's pretty good, some more polish would be nice (camera shake, sfx for enemy death). It's also kinda repetitive but it's nice!

Oh thank you for your feedback! Also I think the web version's audio is broken for some reason since the Windows build has audio. I'll be sure to check out your game!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!

thank you!

yes that's intentional, enemies and platforms start to dissapear after a certain amount of time, and yes the enemies are meant to be able to kill each other. I'll add a deacy to the bullets too though if I do continue this after the jam. Thank you for your feedback!

Yes that was intentional, because if it wasn't the player would never fall off the platforms. So the player will also have to learn to control their speed by slowing down with moving in the other direction or using bullets to slow them down. Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing! I'll be sure to play and rate your game when I have time

its not really that the downloadable version has more, its just much more optimized, thank you for playing!

yeah i found that myself lol, it'll prob have more improvements in the future

you can hover over a wire and press the delete key to delete that wire, you can also do the same with chips :D

you can't let the spider touch your mouse


Thanks for playing :D

Yeah, the game is a bit hard, also I'm pretty sure the bug on crashing at the end is just you

Thanks for playing! Yeah that's a problem with "mouse touching" detection where sometimes to just died randomly, thank you for your feeback!

It feels very unfinished, more player feedback is needed and the music is very repetitive so it gets annoying quick, there's also no real way to "escape" the ghost because we're locked on the Y axis. I feel like it could definitely be improved.

Glad you enjoyed it!