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Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!

thank you!

yes that's intentional, enemies and platforms start to dissapear after a certain amount of time, and yes the enemies are meant to be able to kill each other. I'll add a deacy to the bullets too though if I do continue this after the jam. Thank you for your feedback!

Yes that was intentional, because if it wasn't the player would never fall off the platforms. So the player will also have to learn to control their speed by slowing down with moving in the other direction or using bullets to slow them down. Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing! I'll be sure to play and rate your game when I have time

its not really that the downloadable version has more, its just much more optimized, thank you for playing!

yeah i found that myself lol, it'll prob have more improvements in the future

you can hover over a wire and press the delete key to delete that wire, you can also do the same with chips :D

you can't let the spider touch your mouse


Thanks for playing :D

Yeah, the game is a bit hard, also I'm pretty sure the bug on crashing at the end is just you

Thanks for playing! Yeah that's a problem with "mouse touching" detection where sometimes to just died randomly, thank you for your feeback!

It feels very unfinished, more player feedback is needed and the music is very repetitive so it gets annoying quick, there's also no real way to "escape" the ghost because we're locked on the Y axis. I feel like it could definitely be improved.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Hahah yeah, I'll prob add different difficulties in the final release, thanks for playing!

Yeah but if the mouse isn't evil it would just be a generic mouse maze game, i think for an easy difficulty a speed decrease would be good?

It's a great concept but it felt very unfinished, some sound effects and/or music would've been nice, some more player feedback would be great, and you couldn't really restart easily when you died. Has a lot of potential but still needs more work. I would also really appreciate it if you played and rated my game if you have time :D

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Your UI was pretty bugged and you could usually just run past all the enemies, a background to the UI would be nice instead of the default unity blue but overall it has great potential. I would also really appreciate it if you can play and rate my game is you have time :)

You can fix the UI by making the canvas dependent on your camera and screen resolution.

Really nice sound design and I love the art! The controls are a bit weird, I think [space] would be a better jump button and an explanation of the game would be nice. Overall a nice game, I would also really appreciate you playing and rating my game if you have the time.

It has a lot of potential and I'm really sorry that you didn't get to finish it. I really liked the walking sound! Though the whole level could use more contrast, it wasn't clear what I could walk on and what I couldn't. I'd also really appreciate it if you played and rated my game.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I definitely could've made more levels, I'm actually developing this after the jam so that's fun. Well thank you for playing and rating!

Really fun game! A bit too tough but definitely seems like something I would play if there were different maps and such. The controls were a bit hard at first, my brain kind of had to calibrate itself but after a few minutes I got the hang of it. I would also appreciate it if you could play and rate my game :D

Thanks for playing and rating! Yeah I added a delay to the music, I'll shorten the delay next time!

No problem, it was really good for your first game jam!

It was a fun game though it was a pretty generic concept, the UI was also too small which im assuming is due to a common UI bug with the canvas. The healthbar also instantly dropped to 0 after getting hit once so there's no way to see how much health you have left. It was a nice game but still had a few annoying bugs. I would appreciate it if you played and rated my game though :D

It was pretty good though the movement was a bit buggy and getting more speed didn't seem to actually make me faster, it also wasn't very clear what shooting the skeleton does. This has a lot of potential but needs some more work.

Oh nevermind, the explanation is on the game page :D

I really liked the graphics and the controls were also nice! Though I would've loved a health indicator. The buttons in the menu would've been better if they changed a bit when hovered over and the credits button doesn't work. Some audio would also be nice. But overall it was really fun! I would love if you'd play my game and rate it!

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I really liked the sound design and visuals but for the gameplay it was mostly just guessing and there was no real goal, a cutscene or a main menu explaining something a little bit would be good, overall it's pretty good. I would also appreciate it if you could play my game and rate it!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! I'll be sure to check out your game as soon as possible!

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hahah, yeah i'll try to lessen the difficulty next time! You also have to keep moving or you'll die

Yes of course! You can remaster any game you want!

sorry about that, this new link should work

It was hard to understand the controls at first and iwas kind of stuck but overall it was a good game

haha, a true hero