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oh my god it's finally here ;;; i'll definitely play this now

Omg! I can't contain my giddiness, the release is just around the corner~ ^^

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The quality speaks for itself, the game looks splendid from writing, graphics, voice, and design! The MC flashing the swoon eyes is big mood. I didn't expect that Kyuri would swoon my heart THAT fast- HIS SHOP DESERVES MORE RECOGNITION

Dotty seems to own my MC's friendship being a great wingman ;) Abigail's joke made me want laugh and cry. Billy's a cute bean. Kudos to the amazing voice cast for portraying the characters with distinction and color

The game is definitely worth the wait!

I'm so anticipating this!

Yes!! I can't wait for it!

Wow, it is so closed from getting finished! I’m excited! ^^

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It gives us players freedom if the choices are given that way which also lead to be more invested especially the MC without putting character development at risk in a way it feels forced. If that's how you put us building a relationship with the LIs, I think I would be readying myself to be emotionally invested to these three gods. Really, kudos to that! 

WELP IF YOU PUT IT LIKE THAT I'm already getting giddy for the full release! I just saw it will be  on Summer 2018, I'll be patiently waiting then! ^^

THIS IS GOOD! It's nice to see side characters that give color to the story, it's those small details that makes  a story stand out. Keep the choices coming! I like that even if this is only the demo there's alot of things, us, the players can pick to slowly build the personality of our MC. JUST WHEN IT WAS GETTING GOOD YOU HAVE TO KEEP ME HANGING WITH A CLIFF HANGER ;;

This is definitely bringing a  fresh dish on the table that I applaud you for doing so since there's not a lot of VNs that make fun of the stereotypes and cliches in otome. The humor is definitely a lot and great here; had me chuckling quite a lot! I'm looking forward to the full release : )

 It's been a while since I've come across this visual novel, I can say this is one of the best games in terms of character development; you can really see it flourish through the gameplay. This is coming from someone have played a lot of VNs. 

I think you dd a great job at it so no worries ^^

I'm happy that I took the time to give this visual novel a shot because this is definitely a splendid one, indeed. The phase to build up a relationship between the main characters felt just right; it was not forceful yet not too slow. I believe some VNs that missed to put balance into. As there were a lot of chances to of us, players, to pick choices much given than I had imagined which made me very happy because letting us be interact like that makes it feel more we are Kyndel.

Thank you for pushing this through! I'll be anticipating for the release of the apple version : ) I'm wondering if the app comes out in the app store would there be a price? if so, how much?

I have finished playing the demo, though, unforunately it was short. It gave me a sweet, short glimpse of the characters and i'm superbly intrigued to get to know all of them. I'm looking forward to the release!

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This otome got me good.

I wasn't expecting to having my emotions affected by the characters in the game especially the side characters because of some CERTAIN events. It was the first time I cried playing a visual novel during delora's scene. She was the closest thing Lucett have as a mother figure, both stern and caring in her own way. Her snide remarks, witty comebacks and her showing affection in her own way made me grown fond of her character.

Varg's ending made me wished he had his own route just to see his redemption arc. Speaking of endings, nothing could have me made prepared for Karma's bad ending (i took his route before rod's and the first ending i got) IT TUGGED MY HEARTSTRINGS IN THE MOST ANGST WAY FFFUUUUU-

After that happening, I happen to take the routes by the recommended order which paved way to getting to familliar with each characters especially in the Marchen. Along the cementing the plot in steady, solid phase. Great job for creating everyone a backstory on how they ended up in Marchen not abandoning their role and have them just 'be there'. Plus showing the interactions between them is very uplifting and just pure feel-good (especially rumpel's firs time in Marchen and the matchmaking scene)

Being that side, a plot based on fairytale which had it's own twist that kept me on toes in a way I did not mind completing all the routes and I think I've made the right choice.

5/5 on original and solid pilot, apparent character development, wonderful graphics, fitting music background. I think I'm hooked on the opening song!

Thank you for making such an enjoyable game, Dicesuki.

Not a problem! It's a token of appreciation for making a lovely visual novel and deserve to know that : )

It really did came off well which is why it was romantically wonderful playing his route!

I think there's a lot of I'll be looking forward to him since little to nothing known about him at the in this version of this release :D

Making an account here just so I could let out the love I have for this visual novel.

Blake's route is the first one I had chosen to take and dear god i regret nothing choosing him-- because why can i not be? this man is the perfect blend of romantic and adorably stiff and simply the way he shows his caring side is enough to make me jealous of the girl playing as us. On the other hand, the fashion in which his past was laid out gave him the moment to be vulnerabe, in which, it felt realistic, and thus, his character humanly.

P.S The reader x Blake's intimate scenes are to die for :'"

P.S.S I thought Amesbury's route would only be obtainable after going through all the other routes XD Really looking foward to Amesbury!!