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Making an account here just so I could let out the love I have for this visual novel.

Blake's route is the first one I had chosen to take and dear god i regret nothing choosing him-- because why can i not be? this man is the perfect blend of romantic and adorably stiff and simply the way he shows his caring side is enough to make me jealous of the girl playing as us. On the other hand, the fashion in which his past was laid out gave him the moment to be vulnerabe, in which, it felt realistic, and thus, his character humanly.

P.S The reader x Blake's intimate scenes are to die for :'"

P.S.S I thought Amesbury's route would only be obtainable after going through all the other routes XD Really looking foward to Amesbury!!


Oh, wow! Thank you so much for making an account to leave a comment. You have no idea how much that has made me smile! :D

I wanted Blake to have up sides and down sides, so I'm so glad that came across in game :) He is WAY more of a romantic than he thinks he is.

I really hope you enjoy Amesbury's route just as much when its released!

Not a problem! It's a token of appreciation for making a lovely visual novel and deserve to know that : )

It really did came off well which is why it was romantically wonderful playing his route!

I think there's a lot of I'll be looking forward to him since little to nothing known about him at the in this version of this release :D