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To the Edge of the Sky Demo: Part 1 is now available in Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and Polish on PC and Android devices! Sticky

A topic by Aja created Apr 23, 2017 Views: 6,302 Replies: 6
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You can download it here on Android or by searching for To the Edge of the Sky in the Play store and the file is updated (for PC only) on itch here. Please tell your Android using friends and friends that were waiting for those languages!

Aeon Dream Studio wants to give a big thank you to our fan translators who worked so diligently and quickly on these translations. Chinese (traditional & simplified), Russian, Czech, Dutch, Thai and Lithuanian coming soon!

Apple users: We have not forgotten you! We are working on seeing if we can release to iPhones and will have the updated Mac version up for non-English players in a few days! We're sorry for the inconvenience <3


Thank you for pushing this through! I'll be anticipating for the release of the apple version : ) I'm wondering if the app comes out in the app store would there be a price? if so, how much?

The demo part currently on android app are free

if it release, will it there be a price? Hope not T^T

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Both demo parts are going to be free however the proper game itself would not be free. Creating a game costs thousands of dollars. There is no way that they would be able to cover those costs without there being a price tag on the game for the level of art, backgrounds, coding and time and energy that goes into making a game. They are people with rent and other bills to pay as well.

When will the second part of the demo be released? I dont want to rush you all but im really addicted to the first part. <3

Will polish language?