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This otome got me good.

I wasn't expecting to having my emotions affected by the characters in the game especially the side characters because of some CERTAIN events. It was the first time I cried playing a visual novel during delora's scene. She was the closest thing Lucett have as a mother figure, both stern and caring in her own way. Her snide remarks, witty comebacks and her showing affection in her own way made me grown fond of her character.

Varg's ending made me wished he had his own route just to see his redemption arc. Speaking of endings, nothing could have me made prepared for Karma's bad ending (i took his route before rod's and the first ending i got) IT TUGGED MY HEARTSTRINGS IN THE MOST ANGST WAY FFFUUUUU-

After that happening, I happen to take the routes by the recommended order which paved way to getting to familliar with each characters especially in the Marchen. Along the cementing the plot in steady, solid phase. Great job for creating everyone a backstory on how they ended up in Marchen not abandoning their role and have them just 'be there'. Plus showing the interactions between them is very uplifting and just pure feel-good (especially rumpel's firs time in Marchen and the matchmaking scene)

Being that side, a plot based on fairytale which had it's own twist that kept me on toes in a way I did not mind completing all the routes and I think I've made the right choice.

5/5 on original and solid pilot, apparent character development, wonderful graphics, fitting music background. I think I'm hooked on the opening song!

Thank you for making such an enjoyable game, Dicesuki.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We really appreciate it! We're very happy that you enjoyed playing the game. :)