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May Barros

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I might make a page of my own inspired by this =D

I congratulate you. This is Amazing!

Hi! The files should show the file type once you hit download and it does show if you hover over the name.

Thank you so much <3

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I'm actually working on that resource! (the free fonts / images / assets one)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you got a sweet memory out of it ^^

I intend to use this as my card when I go to conventions, so hopefully more people will be reminded of nice memories ^^

I'll compile public domain and cc 0 licensed resources people can use (fonts, art, photos, music, video, softwares, etc).

I know the scope is TTRPG, but I figured the more resourcs the better.

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Hey folks, I finally had time to stop by, so I figured I'd tell about the games I made so far ^^
The reason this links are to a different account is because I made this games with my boyfriend and that account is for our "game studio".

Rise Up Save The World

A GM-less game, that can be played solo or with friends, about saving the world after being given powers by a fairy.


A map-making narrative game that you play as an imortal being returning home. Can be played solo or with friends.

Setealém: The Seventh Beyond

A game about surviving and staying sane in a hostile environment based off of a Brazilian urban legend.