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oh! ok! i will wait and good luck!

YO! the game is great but i put in lowest dificullty and that don't work and i can't beat the rast beacause it always spaming after i killed one, i don't know what that is but, i just don't understand about the dificullty. the game is good but sometimes i almost break my computer because of the rats(i have anxiety and angry attacks so its easy to me be mad sorry ;-;) it will have a sequence?

i see! i wish a lot of luck!

hello! sadly i'm here to report a bug, when i was going to make a steak, the game have been crashed showing a bug thing and then i was forced ti close the game

i see thanks for the help, anyway i can't wait for you next game! >v<

i see, and about the cave i have been stuck out not inside but outside of the cave, in the black wall,i don't know about the unpacked thing,maybe can you explain better about it?

i would love play the game but isn't opening

i download the game and found some bugs,i will being saying half of them, first of all is the saving, inst working when i save the game after playing ang get out of the game and the next day play it again the save was deleted, it happenend everytime when i play it again,the cave, it having some bugs about the cave and its was happening and also happened when you enter in the cave, the mushroom, the mushroom is having the bug in the florest when i enter in there. this is the half of bugs i could find in the game, so please i hope you can fix this, the game is good but the real problem is the bugs

thank you! I can't wait for your next game!^^

Hello again!(sorry i couldn't find your Instagram) i was thinking between me and my friends from discord to make a rpg game just like for fun or as a joke from our rpg in discord,do you have any recommendations of what programs to use or have to creat one game of rpg in pixiel style? And about the fnf mod me and my friends decide to give up,very people of our class is demanding absolutely much upgrades in short time and others are just demanding things that we can't put in the mod,so i just think to just make a rpg game with my discord friends for fun,and i notice you don't have a very good english in the game -v-,if you want help with this i think i can help,i have been good in english with 7 years old just playing video games ^^

Heh sorry for that! but anyway, i complete the game after 7 years, its good but also a suffering ;-;

Well if you go to the final boss(lavos) i wish you so much good luck because he have 3 forms,lavos,his body,and his core,the first form have 10000 (1999 AD),30000(ocean palace),lavos body 20000,center lavos 10000,his body have the arms,the right have 8000,and the left have 12000,his body have 255 of defense and 100 magic defense,the arms are 127 def,and 50 MD,nos his pod and core. . . god. . .pod=2000,Def=127,MD=50,the core....the f0king core...30000 of hp.....255 of defense and 100 OF MAGIC DEFENSE!!!! squarenix make this game 12 endinings.....i just win one time...;-;

i know how you feel it, this puzzle sometimes like the game chrono tigger i took3 years to find the right way to out of the cave,that isn't was a puzzle. . . it was having four dragons and every dinossaur. . . .and they are so strong. . . .i don't regret play your game

Oh! I didn't know that! Even though I'm sorry if I am causing trouble! It's becausei get confused so easy when it's about puzzle like this! And some of games don't even put tricks, it's like you have to find on your own, but thank you anyway! Also! I was thinking about how should I draw the ship of mao and Lianna! When I finished it, I will make sure to show  you in the Instagram!

i'm going to give up ;-; i didn't get the quest,i looked all the video of this game and looks like almost everyone didn't do this quest,i tried to follow the poem,i follow to the south when iwas span to the west,and then when i was span to the west,west to east,then to the west when i was span in north,to east to north,but i always come back to same spot,sorry for my bad english, i am from brazil,and i still confused ;-;

Alright! And if you are working to much don't forget to rest! ^v^/

ok! also i have some ideas from your game,if you want why don't you put some more events as couples of lianna and mao? (sorry i ship those two ;w;)

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I am counting from the second,i did like the poem said but,i am returning to the same place even i am doing it right.

i am having problems going to the mountains,i did like the poem said but i always going back to the start