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Oh! I didn't know that! Even though I'm sorry if I am causing trouble! It's becausei get confused so easy when it's about puzzle like this! And some of games don't even put tricks, it's like you have to find on your own, but thank you anyway! Also! I was thinking about how should I draw the ship of mao and Lianna! When I finished it, I will make sure to show  you in the Instagram!

Oh thank you! I'll be very happy to see it! xD

And don't worry. Sometimes I embarrass myself really bad in games with the simplest puzzles lol. Following a set of directions SHOULD be pretty simple, but even I got lost a few times during playtest by forgetting which line I was on or counting a verse too soon or too late.


i know how you feel it, this puzzle sometimes like the game chrono tigger i took3 years to find the right way to out of the cave,that isn't was a puzzle. . . it was having four dragons and every dinossaur. . . .and they are so strong. . . .i don't regret play your game

Well that's good to hear!

Lucky that, even though the misty wood has pretty tough enemies, the encounter steps reset everytime you walk from a room to another, so if you bee-line to the exit you're very unlikely to be stopped by enemies.

That reminds me I never finished Chrono Trigger though!


Well if you go to the final boss(lavos) i wish you so much good luck because he have 3 forms,lavos,his body,and his core,the first form have 10000 (1999 AD),30000(ocean palace),lavos body 20000,center lavos 10000,his body have the arms,the right have 8000,and the left have 12000,his body have 255 of defense and 100 magic defense,the arms are 127 def,and 50 MD,nos his pod and core. . . god. . .pod=2000,Def=127,MD=50,the core....the f0king core...30000 of hp.....255 of defense and 100 OF MAGIC DEFENSE!!!! squarenix make this game 12 endinings.....i just win one time...;-;

Saw so many numbers for amoment I thought you dropped some lines of code here xD

But yeah, I heard about that. You can beat the boss at different points in the game and get different endings from that. It's fascinating.


Heh sorry for that! but anyway, i complete the game after 7 years, its good but also a suffering ;-;

Thank you. I'm glad you had fun. But well, all things must come to an end.

But well, the good news is that I released a short demo for my next game not long ago.

Plus, I have plans on releasing a sizeable update for Witch Hat in the near future, with new areas and a new questline ;)