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Like the lich duo, the wargs, the kobold king... and quite a few more.

Don't worry, that's perfectly understandable xD

And thanks. Yeah I should probably take a break, but I also have so many ideas for new content or games it'll be hard not to get to work again ;-;

I'm not even gonna ask how long that took or why even do that...

But well, now you should be able to handle the super hard fights you aren't even supposed to win xD

I finished the game with almost 9 hours in my playtest save file. You can probably do it all in one day if you want but don't kill yourself over it please xD

That's one of the many fights you're not expected to win. Just survive 6 turns and you will be given the option to follow Cindy's plan. Sometimes losing can give you more interesting results than winning xD

You can just spam Jeanne's shield, Lianna's and Mao's blinding skills and Cindy's healing to survive as long as you can. There will always be a certain amount of RNG involved, but just surviving 6 turns isn't that difficult.

Thanks a ton. I'm glad you're enjoying it! ^^

It's actually possible to win every fight in the game, even the most ridiculous ones you're not intended to (you probably realized there are many in the game lol). The ch 11 one is the toughest tho xD

There was one guy who managed to deal all of the boss' HP in a single turn, but he had been playing since the first version and was really OP so yeah. I'm thinking of adding a NG+ feature to allow you to replay the game with a more powerful team and get the endings for the quests you couldn't, but no promises yet

The full release (with the last chapter and a bunch of new side quests) should come out in  few weeks, so I hope you stick around to that!

Yes, unfortunately Itch does that for no reason from time to time ;-;

At first I thought it was related to how I update the game, but sometimes save files are lost during a period I didn't even make any changes to the game. So I'm sorry that happened to you.

If you can, I suggest you download and play the Windows version, as that way the save files will be stored in your computer. You can also make a new game and interact with the window in Lianna's bathroom to skip to any chapter you like.

Thanks for the suggestion!

The game is already full of choices you can make, though. Quests and rewards change depending on your choices and wether you can finish them perfectly (sometimes "failure" can bring you even more interesting results), as well as more casual scenes. The main story only has one ending everyone will get (I'm thinking of ways of implementing new endings but honestly I don't know what would fit lol), but some choices have consequences even several hours later.

OK, I have no idea what's gonna happen now, but hopefully your game won't break lol

Hopefully you'll just get stuck on whatever level you are now

Thanks for understanding xD

I hope not to disappoint with the ending! xD

And yeah, it's a sheep, and the monster is an ogre. If you want a little tip, there's an item on the woods between Eastwall and the farm that can help keeping the sheep alive ;)

Funny enough, I left so many secrets early in the game I kinda ran out of loot for the late game lol. It's basically all mithril and a few rings (the highest tier of accessories) now.

Tho I guess this isn't so bad considering there's no point in finding a powerful item if you don't have any enemies to use it against.

Found it? Congrats! xD (And sorry it took so long. I'm feeling almost guilty  for telling you about it lol)

If you're already pretty far into the game, it isn't all that great, but it's good considering you can find it as early as chapter 5.

Let me reiterate a previous hint.

You know how the Misty Woods are just like any other "trail in the woods" map? (after you cross it once, you don't have to go inside again) They all have 2 entry points.

That's all I'll say now xD

Even more?

Ok so do you remember the gimmick of the kobold ruins' teleporters? Good xD

Looks like you're on the right track now. Just take another look at the tips I already gave and you should be set xD

Oh no that'd be too boring. You'll know when you're in the "room" with the treasure. Getting to that "room" is the real challenge ;)

The hint is actually that it's in the place you'd least expect xD

But how about this: how many entrances do the Misty Woods have? ;)

I mean, it isn't illegal to share tips for a game but yeah xD

I used the rocks to help me keep track of the right way forward while designing the place, and they're still a little reliable. Tho the intended way is to get the solution from Mappi Village, which you should already have access to by the time you can enter the Misty Woods (after finishing Cindy's quest). You can either pay the guru to "read your fortune", or finish the donkey quest and wait for chapter 7 to get it from the lake monster quest.

I assume most people get their first orb from the Mappi quest anyway, which gives you all you need to cross the woods. Things only get this convoluted if you happen to stumble on the first orb REALLY early, in chapter 4.

(Btw, there's some hidden treasure in the Misty Woods in the place you'd least expect. *wink wink*)

Oh gosh you even already had the poem? The guy says you have to follow the cardinal directions but yeah, it's easy to forget lol

Good job on brute forcing your way through tho xD (by doing that you can get past without ever going to Mappi Village so good speedrun idea)

The intended way is for you to get the solution from somewhere else first. Try talking to the guys standing at the entrance. They may have something helpful to say ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

But well, it isn't totally over yet. I'm still working on the final chapter and side quests, which should come out next month. I hope you'll be there! xD

Ohhhh I see. Well, it's in my plans to do something with it, yes. Tho rn there're only 2 parts of the diary around. Expect to be a third one in the final release xD

That's actually a really cool idea for some post game content! It'd be a nice way of challenging yourself after clearing all other content xD

But what do you mean "other world" tho? The only 2 new side quests I have planned for the final release are the final part of huyuchi village's story, and another more minor side quest.

(4 edits)

Oh gosh I messed up pretty bad there! I forgot to add a state for the exit after you beat the boss. It's gonna be fixed in the next patch, as well as the walking on counters thing.

(And by people in their thanking state you mean the spider family? Yeah they're gonna disappear once chapter 12 starts. Some stuff get weird in the early access limbo between chapters lol)

As for the Mappi Village orb quest, did you complete the talking donkey one first? It's a requirement (as well as being at the end of chapter 7 or later). If you did all that and it still didn't show up, try leaving and returning to the Guild. I'm gonna test it out myself too tho. (Edit: just tested it and it seems to be working fine.)

Also, humans are immune to cindy's incense, so it shouldn't work unless I messed up somewhere lol

And thanks a lot for pointing all those out! xD (and sorry again for all the trouble my awful programming brought lmao)

Edit 2: just released an update with all the fixes since I'm starting chapter 12 now lol

Ohhh my bad! I changed the way the papers worked in the guest room but didn't consider what would happen to them in other places lol. Thanks for pointing that out!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter xD (I only hope not to disappoint with the last patch now)

All things must come to an end unfortunately ;-;
I have plans on adding some post game content in the future tho, but no promises!

Also I'm glad you're enjoying it xD

Oh wow! Already finished chapter 11?

12 is gonna be the last one. Hopefully it'll come out in december xD

Sometimes characters change classes as part of the story (tho it's mostly just the name, like Jeanne starting as a Paladin with no spells but revealing she is actually a Dark Paladin and finally being able to cast spells). If Mao or Lianna ever do it in the future, it's probably just gonna be an "upgrade" to their current one.

The first 8 classes in the game date are the default ones that come ready in RPGM. I only use them as templates for my custom ones xD

That said, you can expect to see more playable characters in the post game. I have 2 more planned, but no promises rn ;)

(Btw, I'm just finishing up translating the next update. It should come out this weekend!)

I just check the notifications (almost) every day xD

(I guess being a fairly unknown developer has its advantages lol)

My bad. I forgot to delete the unused files while exporting the game, and the browser version ended being too large for Itch. I'm so used to things working smooth I didn't even consider checking if the game was running lol

It should be alright now. Thanks for pointing it out!

(1 edit)

Oh. My. God! Thanks a lot for the comment/review! You just made my day! xD

I'd like to address some of the points you made if you don't mind. First, yeah, the balancing. RPGM has quite a robust combat system actually, but it's a little too easy to get caught up on numbers, usually making things difficult by making them big, and balancing that out by giving the player bigger numbers as well (either on stats or skills). One thing I wanted to do from the start is make every skill feel useful all the way to the end, even Lianna's starting Embers skill, so I made sure every skill is distinct and has a right context to use. That said, it can be pretty easy to cheese some fights by spamming blind and stun effects, and stacking Mao with buffs. Some enemies (especially bosses) are resistant or immune to those effects tho, so I hope I'm keeping players from sticking to one single strategy.

In lore (the novel I never released and just decided to turn into this game instead) Jeanne is way more powerful than Lianna and Mao,  so the solution to give scenes tension was usually to get her busy with other enemies (or hit her head and pass out lol) but I felt like it'd feel wrong in the having a party member so much powerful, so I stripped her of most of offensive spells, and only left her mostly as a support unit (until you unlock her lv9 skill, which still requires her to lose health to be used effectively). As for Shida (the wolf boy from the north), he feels so powerful partially because he was balanced around Huyuchi Village's second quest, which will be unlocked in chapter 12, and because some of his item slots are locked, so you won't have as much freedom in building as the main characters.

Keeping the player feeling broke all the time is also part of the intended experience, but it was a bit hard balancing that with the fact you should have enough money to buy better equipment now and then, and that you can just grind infinite coppers from some tedious ways (which I know some people might just exploit. I'd do that too lol). In the end I just tried balancing the experience around a player who finds half of the hidden treasures. If you explore too little, you'll have to be really good at the game or just walk around previous areas grinding, which may accidentally lead you to find the treasure you left behind. If you explore everything, you're rewarded get OP on most fights, and being strong enough to do the hardest ones, which you're usually supposed to run away from.

Making things out the way they are now took months of work tho. In the oldest versions getting rich was a bit too easy too. Looks like it all paid off in the end, from your experience. I'm glad. xD

As for the story, I worked really hard on it back when it was still a novel, rewriting some stuff several times, having a friend read all of it etc. It's only my second story of this scale, but probably the one I poured the most love in, made the most research about, and wrote with the intention of being a positive influence on the reader's (or I suppose player's now) lives. So I'm really, really glad you enjoyed it <3

As for the art, glad you liked it! ^^ (Also, cute is justice!)

And the curtain sound effect, wow I'd never notice if you hadn't mentioned it since I play on speakers! I found the issue and it was just me editing the sound without knowing what it does properly lol. It's gonna be fixed on the next update (tho I'm certain I'm gonna miss some curtains, since I'll have to edit them one for one).

If there's anything else bothering you, please don't be afraid to tell! This is my first game and, while I'm working really hard on it, I still have much more to learn. xD

Feel free to ask anything else about the project too, as long as it isn't spoilers.

And wow I ended writing a reply just as big as the original comment. I'm so sorry! xD

Anyway, I'm really happy you enjoyed my little game. There's still some content left to go, so I hope you'll stick around to the end. I plan on releasing both chapter 10 and 11 together in one update this month. I hope not to disappoint! (^^)/

Oh gosh you really are a pro at finding bugs xD

Thanks for pointing it out, the issue is gonna be fixed in the next patch.  It happened because I forgot to add an event page to the door allowing you to go back inside after everything is done, so it just repeats the previous cutscene that triggers the bossfight lol

The boulder is only a shortcut tho. You first cross the swamp by taking a roundabout path through the left, but I added a boulder you can push into the water so you have a quicker way across. You only can't go back to the cabin right after the bossfight, but once you progress a little in the main story the path opens up again.

Also OMG that Shida profile pic surprised me!  😭<3

(3 edits)

Oh gosh I'm sorry you went through all that 😭

The blacksmith shouldn't have states that cause him to disappear or be teleported somewhere else on the map or anything. He is supposed to be there at all times. I'm gonna check again. There's always a small thing that somehow gets away lol

(Btw the sequel thing is already the mithril/Huyuchi village thing, as well as most side quests. Since I don't plan on releasing a sequel to the game, I'm taking ideas I was saving for the novel's sequel and using them on side content for the game xD)

Also, the path the bird guy is blocking isn't available yet. It's gonna be part of Huyuchi village's second quest, which I'll release along with chapter 12.

As for the kobolds, honestly I can't remember when I last tweaked their stats lol. That said, all damage calculations have a 20% variance so it's hard to tell if anything changed or it was just RNG.

Either way, I'm happy you're enjoying my little game that much despite my terrible programming! (T_T)<3

Thank you and I hope you stick around to the end!

Edit.: I found the issue! The smith was supposed to have 2 states, one before you do the Huyuchi Village quest, and one after. But somehow I deleted his first state and replaced it with a copy of the second, so I had to copy the files from a previous version and merge them together! I've no idea how I managed to mess up that badly, but I did lmao. I'm so sorry! I'm uploading v0.9.1 with the fix now!

(1 edit)

That means you're in a part of the main story with stuff to do inside the city. It happens 99% of the time when you're missing a team member or when it isn't daytime. Just keep playing the main story, you'll get another chance to go outside ^^

Edit.: someone just pointed out that they're unable to leave the city after completing chapter IX. If that's your case, sorry it's totally my fault! The issue is gonna be fixed in the next update. For now you can still do the side quests at any point before he end of chapter IX ;-;

That's really weird! Sorry you had this issue.

You need to talk to the actual Eastwall blacksmith (the guy  at the back with the forge), not his apprentice (the one on the counter). In order for the quest to progress, you need to have at least one mysterious orb in your inventory (either from chapter 4's dungeon, from the area behind the kobold king or from the lake monster quest) and having heard the password from the mysterious guy (either on chapter 4 or by completing the lake monster quest).

This is a really complex  quest that ties up with several others and may be progressed in quite a number of ways, so it's possible I messed up somewhere. If that's the case, I'm really sorry! ;-;

Also, the debug window will only advance you through the main quest. You still need to do all the side quests yourself, so using it shouldn't do any good in this case.

I'll check again all the quest flags, but for now what I can tell you is that the donkey sidequest becomes available at the end of chapter 6, right before you pay the receptionist. (If it doesn't show up, either advancing to chapter 7 or reentering the guild building should do it).  And for the lake monster quest only becomes available after you have both the donkey siquest and chapter 7 at the stage you have to pay the receptionist.

I hope that helps!

What part of it are you on? first you have to cross the woods you do the quest for Cindy, ten go to Mappi Village's inn near the entrance. The client is sitting at the corner. He will tell you the place he last was with the donkey was in the trail between there and Eastwall (the place you've already been to). Now just do some detective work. The place is pretty small so it won't be difficult ;)

Oh I absolutely do! I'd be honored! xD

Also thanks! <3 I wanted to keep the characters simple so I wouldn't have to edit the sprites too much, but had worked on them (especially Lianna and Mao) for a few years before settling with these versions.

Btw, the only social media I actively use is Instagram. If you have a profile there, feel free to post it and I'll make sure to share it! You can find me by @tiagoxningenjanai

Kobold grenadiers have 600 and warriors have 700. I didn't change that in any update tho.

That said, even if the enemy only has 1 hp left, if you deal 800 damage the number 800 will pop up, so maybe that's the illusion you were having xD

Also thanks a lot! <3

I'm thinking about releasing both chapter 10 and 11 in one single update due to the nature of the stories told, but nothing confirmed yet!

I'm glad you're excited for it, but I'm sorry. I still haven't even started working on it yet. The plan is still to release all 12 chapters this year, but I've been a little too busy lately ;-;

All the bugs found in the last patch are already fixed tho, so I'm considering releasing v0.8.2 with the fixes meanwhile lol