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Carpentry Story 馃尣馃獡

Restore town and save residents by making furniture! 路 By fizzlymike

bug report

A topic by Nagito_Ogami created Oct 28, 2023 Views: 100 Replies: 5
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i download the game and found some bugs,i will being saying half of them, first of all is the saving, inst working when i save the game after playing ang get out of the game and the next day play it again the save was deleted, it happenend everytime when i play it again,the cave, it having some bugs about the cave and its was happening and also happened when you enter in the cave, the mushroom, the mushroom is having the bug in the florest when i enter in there. this is the half of bugs i could find in the game, so please i hope you can fix this, the game is good but the real problem is the bugs


Hello, thank you for playing Carpentry Story. Yeah, bug with mushrooms will be fixed soon, it' already known. What about the cave? I did not understood what happened to you in the cave. About save, it works fine for me. Did you unpacked the game before playing? If you play it from the zip archive, then save could not be created. 

i see, and about the cave i have been stuck out not inside but outside of the cave, in the black wall,i don't know about the unpacked thing,maybe can you explain better about it?

Developer (1 edit)

When you downloaded the game, you need to unpack the archive (right click and extract here) to have the game folder unpacked/extracted. When you do the save in-game, minimize the game and check the game folder for the save file, it should be in ".../www/save/fileX.rpgsave", where "X" is 1,2,3,etc depending on the slot you've saved. 

I'll try to recreate the cave bug and hopefully this can be fixed, too.

i see thanks for the help, anyway i can't wait for you next game! >v<


Thank you so much for your support!