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Hello again!(sorry i couldn't find your Instagram) i was thinking between me and my friends from discord to make a rpg game just like for fun or as a joke from our rpg in discord,do you have any recommendations of what programs to use or have to creat one game of rpg in pixiel style? And about the fnf mod me and my friends decide to give up,very people of our class is demanding absolutely much upgrades in short time and others are just demanding things that we can't put in the mod,so i just think to just make a rpg game with my discord friends for fun,and i notice you don't have a very good english in the game -v-,if you want help with this i think i can help,i have been good in english with 7 years old just playing video games ^^

Oh hi there!

Well if you want to get a game done quick, RPG Maker is probably your best option. It's the engine I used to make this game and it's so simple I learned most of what I needed in 1 week. RPGM very focused so you can get things done very quick and don't even have to touch actual lines of code. Though that means it's very limited and you won't be able to go crazy unless you install plugins or are just really skilled at programming and can write code directly into the game. It doesn't have pixelart visuals by default, but you can just get tilesets that match the look you want online (or just draw them yourself).

This is the tutorial I used to get started:

It's for RPGM MV, which is a few years old now, but even though I used a more recent version it hadn't changed much so it was still pretty easy.

If you don't mind building all the systems from the ground up though, you can try something like Game Maker Studio 2 (the engine I'm using for my next game). But it's VERY complicaded since you need to learn proper programming to use it, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you can spare several months just getting the main systems ready.

I hope that helps!

And don't worry. There's already a kind player who is a native speaker and decided to proofread the game and the next updates will have reviewed text.

Also, if you still wanna find my Instagram:


thank you! I can't wait for your next game!^^