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❀❀❀ Welcome back!! ❀❀❀

Glad to see that you're still in good health! (。●́‿●̀。)

I'm kind of curious if someone may end up making your game into an anime show! Would be a dream come true!!! I'd totally would watch it. Even the art makes me feel like it may happen!(●´∀`)ノ♡

I've been constantly replaying and rolling all over the place hearing about the new ideas that could come to play! Its great that you're still committed to push for even greater heights of this gem!!! ☆彡☆彡☆彡

Hope that you stay in good health and stay safe too! Your health is more important! \(^_^)/

I believe that whoever tries to bring you down is nothing more than an insecure person that isn't brave enough to own up to the fact that you were strong enough to take action and make something that you enjoyed making and made other people enjoy! Its always hard to have to see creative people have their beautiful work be hated upon especially when they have to deal with trolls that just want to make others feel bad about something that give other people a sense of joy or even a sense of connection to the creator's work. It can leave a huge strain on a person to have to put their heart out there and even more so to be able to keep working on it but that doesn't mean that there aren't people out here rooting for you to be able to do what you love and only what makes you happy. Creativity is based on a person's own enjoyment and inventive way of expression to their intended goal for their project and having the confidence to stand by it is even more noteworthy of you. The things people create are goals and achievements of one's own ambitions/confidence and no one can never take that away from you. The person who bashed on you just don't understand that their opinion doesn't matter but the main question for yourself is "does this goal matter to you? did you enjoy making this with all of your hard work and determination? did you enjoy yourself feeling accomplished knowing you did something you thought you'd never do?".  Having to have validation aside from yourself isn't what makes these things beautiful but knowing that you could feel it from yourself is the greatest reward. From someone that just wants to say hurtful things isn't really doing anything to help you but only to hate what they are afraid to do themselves knowing what you achieved for yourself.  So don't think of that mean grouch they're just a coward that wants to say or do something to cause a scene out of you just for their own sick pleasure. Everyone that enjoys your work actually come to respect your work and understand that you had to deal with the pain of having to feel like your work doesn't matter but it does matter! You're a strong person and worthy of your work , so please don't let others sway you to think it isn't good enough, it should be more along the lines that they aren't worthy of your work especially if they can't be civil about it.  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Hmmm... so the energy is like a food source or maybe a catalyst to charge a spell for those that can wield that energy. So does that mean the source of energy could represent a specific energy source to charge a specific spell or does that mean that  any energy source is consistant to any magic?

This is my random theory based on what you added granted it might be still be off by a lot on what this energy source can be: 

If they collect some sort of energy such as an earth based creatures and earth based living beings(something like golems for example granted I think golems wouldn't exactly be living creatures but could be  some anomaly that gain sentient life from nature or summoned familiar or artifical life created by some elemental user as some forbidden taboo on creating false life by some means of sacrifice whether from their life force  or to some physical extraction from another energy source(elemental user or even a crystalized version of elementals) maybe? Nature energy would  have a basic mixture that is dominant in different terrains like forests having a strong abundance of water and earth properties/affinities while places with fire energy would be more from volcanic or even heated places like vents under the water making a special case of  fire/water. Basically the strength and complexity based on terrain having a high level of energy would be a diffcult situtation but trying to extract it would be considered an advanced process for only high leveled elementals or having two opposing elemental specialist working together to gain energy from an advanced area because if the elemental didn't have mastery over more than two energies and try to obtain it alone then extraction wouldn't work well for those of a single specialty even when it has their specialty entwined together. I'm basically saying that you have to get the whole package deal of both energies or the risk of losing it all especially if the energy they have trouble absorbing could counteract with absorbing their main energy specialty so they would be exposing their very weakness to the energies in a basic battle of disruption and absoption of the elemental's energy so the terrain would be considered such a cruel mistress eating away at your energy instead of them harnessing the energy or maybe the elemental just become some mindless rogue causing havoc from craving energy from any source they can get to until nothing is left because their very core is being eaten away unless they constantly feed because their control of energy isn't consistant(the elemental user would have control to contain their energy just like a balloon holding water but for a mindless elemental they would be a balloon with holes which energy doesn't substain well and even moreso if used against living beings or at any point). Taboo user would have the same effects but instead of being mindless they can freely absorb energy but at the cost of going through some sort of ritual like having to sacrificing specific things like those crystalized elementals of each source and somehow obtain a source of light and dark energy on a day of something like an eclipse or some alignment of all energies at their peak(such as the crystalized elemental used as a storage for energy from some day or month that is strongest for a specific element and for each elemental that has been crystalized will have specific colors of speciality and is depended on how bright the crystal shines so if the crystal is dull it lack energy and if it is corroded it means that it has to go through a purification which could come from light element specialist if its possible to revert the effects or setting it through a blood ritual to corride the energy even more. Maybe emotions could play a part to whether the purity could be for an elemental? The stronger the negative emotion the darker the color gets or it could go the other way the more positive the emotion the brighter it gets. kinda like if a water elemental's specialty is water but if they failed to collect energy they become crystalized but the last emotion they felt was one of regret/revenge then the bluish color would darken but if they felt hopeful/selfless then it would shine bright blue. So in order to have use of forbidden element uses would require both colors(light blue and dark blue) which could convert light and darkness as the source of energy they may need if there wouldn't be any light/dark elementals but are derived by emotions or worse case for gaining darkness could lead to the blood of the corrupted elemental since they already empty husks runnng amok and for the light energy would be a little harder to obtain but finding a source of a blossom of life of a elemental becoming such as a fledgingly awakening to their new elemental specialty basically someone who has yet to become an elemental will have a null based energy which hasn't manifested yetand have to go through a right of passage such as a pilgrimage, meditation, surviving hard climates, or even physical type of endurance like holding their hand out in flames or being dunked in to freezing water given on requirements on specific criteria the fledgingly seems to react to such a reactions to stones glowing or being born on a day where wind is at its peak to name a few and are given confirmation from their intiation to the ritual if they really quialify for that said energy control and if they can't then they die from failing to become an elemental. So thoses wanting to have control over life must exceed their own weakness by sacrificing others to gain unimaginable power over every elemental specialist and can take control of elementals abilities and even disrupt the very fabric of time to an extent if they can extract each element's potential by delving into the plains of what we see in the picture of light and darkness so basically being able to fiddle around in the world of light and dark as a way to change pieces of fate but at a cost of being exposed to a chance of being destroyed if they linger within the world as they rewrite or erase existence. So in order to change fate or hold time in stagnantion wouldcome at the cost of exposure and being weakened within the realm where beings beyond the elementals derive from. So if you try to change anything you may very well erase your existance and be expunged from both the physical and spiritual plains of energy. So not only will you gain strong powers but you may also end up being the weakest if used it wrong. So limits are playing into not being consumed and not severing your powers for good physically and spiritually not being erased from existence as well as the changes made which may as well erase those that have been created or shifted an anomaly in the world.

Hmm... I'm getting a lot of different aspects of what this picture could mean. A person on the ground reaching for some cloaked person and I'm assuming those wispy things might be souls for some energy source? For some reason the drawing is good but also gives off a creepy feel. Maybe this has something to do with some dark and light type of situation where the light source is creating a barrier from some lingering evil trying to corrupt that light for their own gain? 

The major ones I would guess from my weird imagination  would be:

1) The cloaked person could be a reaper/soul collector of some sort and after multiple lives of some special beings(unique soul traits something similar to reincarnation and maintain memories of each life, having memories of the afterlife, or some odd past changing the value of someone's soul into some catalyst for an never ending energy source forming some crystalized energy that cannot be obtain under any normal standards and if they collect that person's soul could lead to eternal agony and suffering even absorb the being within itself as a prison of a state of living and dying if that person tends to be mortal) or maybe it could be a propchey of what may come to be for the character on the ground dying only wishing to live and get revenge for some sealed powers or from some kind of contracted deal to live if they collect specific souls  each one becoming harderthan the last and if they can't adapt they become some mindless being from each failure/defeat or it could be a backstory of the person's past that is laying on  the ground that wanted to experience living and how it feels to die as a mortal only to realize their life was ended before they truly understand the meaning of being a mortal and for that matter they lose all their powers they once had and having to go back to collecting each of the manifested souls of energy to regain their original state before they became mortal without their powers because they used their powers to convert it into being a mortal and from that picture the cloaked person is basically the person on the ground as a mortal the souls are of manifested beings with their own sentient life making for the trial far more harder to defeat.

2) The person on the ground could be in some twisted survival game where they have to survive without getting caught by some random being that can not be defeated unless they are under specified conditions( there are safe zone where that cloak person can't reach after a specified time or that the person has to discover if the people they find or parnter up with may actually be the cloaked person that may kill the person from certain triggers from the secrets that each person has to hold close and if their secret is exposed they are stripped of their soul for a price and having a specified power for that cost can be either used for the person's benefit to obtain another secret or power but if it is not claimed for more power to survive it could be used to set another life line for another secret to hold close to survive judgement and if someone exploit their true secret they will still have the remaining secret to live but making them more vulernable if their main secret is exposed but giving them a bonus from losing their life unless each secret is exposed. Basically if each secret is exposed they will have to lose something in return such as memory loss, losing physical parts such as a heart and for each loss makes for a disadvantage if each secret exposed)

I'm probably overthinking things a little to much but just from a drawing got me imagining a lot of things can be described from this. Vague yet seems like its a important plot to a story. Kinda remindsme of a cliffhanger where you feel like the story is going to explain everything in the end just to get through for loop. You did say it was horror so its got to be some scary but yet enticing intrigue from what this picture is saying. A cloaked person yet the face seems obscured. Could it be its face or is it a mask? Hmm... leaving death everywhere it comes into contact with for some reason the person on the ground kinda makes me feel a little sad if they are dying.

Is this the for the poor innocent guy on the ground!?!?! If only you didn't walk into the dark area you might of survived from that shadowy cloaked guy! The cloaked guy is literally shying away from the light don't reach out to the cloaked fellow they're sending you to your doom of eternal damnation~! (7 T^T)7

Unless that person planned on being dragged away to escape the light.. (゚д゚;)

Glad your doing alright and made sooo much progress!Interesting new ideas meaning even more exciting little blooper moments! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Just don't overwork yourself to much! I'm sure people will understand! (๑꒪▿꒪)*

It's not fun to burn yourself out through stress. Worst enemy to have is fighting the dreadful blahs and ugh moments with yourself. (。•́︿•̀。)

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I really love this game and so glad I found this game!! This game is seriously a rare jewel that reaches outside the norm but makes it all the more worthy to jump into! Being able to change aspects in a slow but conforming manner (most games I've played jumps you right into it with transforming and forcing it to fast mostly changing features into being the opposite sex from some magic and accidents and the character dealing with it and not just from their set gender or how they want to be perceived so your game is kind of refreshing to have and you can sense the struggle with the antagonist being on the recieving end of perspectives instead of the protagonist only changing their mindset of how they feel but its not that I haven't found a few gender and sexuality enlightenments its just really hard to find some slowly processing the confusion and even the feelings of two composing "enemies" having hidden feelings that most rather not explore ). The fact of different aspects of the two characters and gender choices in the beginning makes it more realistic too by showing how the anatagonist trying to play it off with people around them just to cover up their confusion to their feelings makes it more exciting and watching them struggle with it making for a masochistic and sadistic feel to it even though a hint of blackmail starting it all so it discovers different kinks as well. I'm sure their are people out their that possibly struggle with how they feel but want to stay in the "popular field" just to stay in the "norm" which shows that people should just be able to find their own kinks, sexuality, and how they want to be percieved as because deep down we all have these feelings even without realising it or even ignore it because others find it wrong. Oddly enough I think I have discovered a small sadistic side to me that I didn't even realised I
had from this game.  (๑✪ᆺ✪๑)

That's good just make sure to be careful and take care of yourself though. Your health is more important than having to add pressure upon you mentally and physically. ☆彡\(^w^)/ミ☆

Aww it's ok. No need to be sad! Take all the time you need especially if your in pain! We can be patient!:D

Now you're just spoiling us with so many choices!!! >w<

Even nabbing extra sweets from the cookie jar!!! Not just one cute cookie but an extra one too!!! have...a sugar overload!!! Whooo hoooo~!!

Hehehehe the reactions of the pairings is making it all the more intriguing. Such drama such romance such mystery wooo!!! >///<

How is this not made into a show!?! The really feels like this could come off as something I'd watch on tv!!!

I'm curious as well about the character's backstory and each different connect that it brings to how they ended up all becoming apart of the vanguard and how each of them made it to becoming part of the S-class vanguard. I feel like they have a hidden secret that they have just like our protagonist but what has driven them. How did they meet the qualifications to becoming S class and what would be the requirements. Maybe some strings behind the scene were pulled and maybe they are being watched closely by this hidden group and set this group together knowing there must be a connection to each character. The protagonist sister is not being considered s class known to most people but more hidden as the fox... hmm could she have played a part and the past makes it even more confusing for the fact that she could be working for the other side and the protagonist was unknowingly part of the other side but grew up thinking of being a non-antillian sort of simliar to icarus. Strange enough we know where most of the character came from or originated but its suspicious that the protagonist has not been given a specific place they came from.Could it be that the protagonist be a child that was swapped with the princess between the two countries and serrani took the protagonist from antillian since they were orignally the king's daugther? King William could be the sibiling(or father) of princess lily or maybe that might be my odd thinking because of the hair color. Also the "Black wing" sounds kind of like code for someone we have yet to meet but oddly enough it might be someone that may have been mentioned already but that might just be some guessing from my part.

You call this slow progress! This is some fast progress! I think the ideas are flowing through you like an ancient master that has become one with the world! No need to be modest! Your are the master of your work and we are willing to root for you no matter how long it takes so take your time and be the best you can be! >w<)7

Also congrats on making a Discord too!! More people and more chats with the devs behind the scenes! Woohoo~!!! \(>w<)/


I really enjoy this game so much!!!!! I basically stalk it and recently created an account to say how this gem is a perfect find that peaked my interest! Can't waiting to know the truth behind this interesting truth behind the characters.Especially when it comes to the protagonist and the dual haired princess but even more so Icarus seems kinda interesting especially at the note that he is the only one that can't be romanced with when it is a male or non binary. So many things hidden within this game makes more questions and makes me play it over and over in different perspectives(might learn something different from different views). I did find an error in pictures with the non binary view in the bathhouse if you go to the male side the picture changes from the non binary one to the male one. Thanks so much for your hard work in creating something soooo FUN!!!! / (⁎˃ᆺ˂)\