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I really enjoy this game so much!!!!! I basically stalk it and recently created an account to say how this gem is a perfect find that peaked my interest! Can't waiting to know the truth behind this interesting truth behind the characters.Especially when it comes to the protagonist and the dual haired princess but even more so Icarus seems kinda interesting especially at the note that he is the only one that can't be romanced with when it is a male or non binary. So many things hidden within this game makes more questions and makes me play it over and over in different perspectives(might learn something different from different views). I did find an error in pictures with the non binary view in the bathhouse if you go to the male side the picture changes from the non binary one to the male one. Thanks so much for your hard work in creating something soooo FUN!!!! / (⁎˃ᆺ˂)\

Thanks for bringing that to my attention so I can fix it! It’s fixed and good to go for the next update! :D much appreciated! And thank you for the kind words!