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I really love this game and so glad I found this game!! This game is seriously a rare jewel that reaches outside the norm but makes it all the more worthy to jump into! Being able to change aspects in a slow but conforming manner (most games I've played jumps you right into it with transforming and forcing it to fast mostly changing features into being the opposite sex from some magic and accidents and the character dealing with it and not just from their set gender or how they want to be perceived so your game is kind of refreshing to have and you can sense the struggle with the antagonist being on the recieving end of perspectives instead of the protagonist only changing their mindset of how they feel but its not that I haven't found a few gender and sexuality enlightenments its just really hard to find some slowly processing the confusion and even the feelings of two composing "enemies" having hidden feelings that most rather not explore ). The fact of different aspects of the two characters and gender choices in the beginning makes it more realistic too by showing how the anatagonist trying to play it off with people around them just to cover up their confusion to their feelings makes it more exciting and watching them struggle with it making for a masochistic and sadistic feel to it even though a hint of blackmail starting it all so it discovers different kinks as well. I'm sure their are people out their that possibly struggle with how they feel but want to stay in the "popular field" just to stay in the "norm" which shows that people should just be able to find their own kinks, sexuality, and how they want to be percieved as because deep down we all have these feelings even without realising it or even ignore it because others find it wrong. Oddly enough I think I have discovered a small sadistic side to me that I didn't even realised I
had from this game.  (๑✪ᆺ✪๑)