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SCP Level.
Partygoers and their rooms.
Bendina (Female bendy) gets an ink machine level and her own scenes.
Futa option for all.
Many of the other Backrooms levels.
What other 'horror' characters would you include?
Go on folks, list them off.

Gallery shows em now. You gotta buy them though. (And probly go through them once before that.)

Though, Mal0 could use the futa option as well for another update. 

So lazy you can't explore to find $10 on the ground in boxes and buy a lube bottle, fill it at a water cooler, then find a chalk/ink board with Bendina (Bendy character) for a nice 6 coins?

Also you keep the coins and money regardless if you get caught.

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It's a start.
For those wondering:
Charisma up is mirror in bathroom.
Bravery up is peeking on bathroom.
Intelligence up is books in bedroom.

Guessing no real scenes yet?
Also, does sticking up for Lisa lock you out of the twins?

"death" by futa snu snu?...
Actual death, I'm not into that.

Please remove the "Adult" tag. it is not.

So how far can "timeless bond" go? Cause I've got it to at least 20 now. (+60% Health and Prowess).
Is it limitless?

Prowess is speed, you need speed now to get forward.
Once you start one tapping enemies, it's back to normal.
That's the simple version.

Your "Timeline" in battle is your "combo" counter now.

Toss Turtle and Burrito Bison you say?...
Interested. Loved playing those games.
Just make sure to take notes of the shops / upgrade system.
Not the sellout ads though! Unless you get that good and wish to have capitalist gains. Understandable.
Maybe I'll try once I see some more improvements.

BTW, Positive note, Really like the "Food Barrel" you can buy in the human town for 20 gold that gives 200 food. Great deal.
Using quickcast into lightning spell is also great. Full Lightning at 8 magic is about 40 damage. instant removal for most low enemies.
Though you can also just cheese using sleep and inflict wounds.
Just remember to rest between fights to build up your reserve mana.

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I got a game glitch, The hold click to move the map is now reversed. Not holding click is moving the map and holding it keeps it still. Not entirely sure how I did it, while in combat I went back to futz with the options and came back to fighting. It was happening after that.
Can we have the option to switch that on and off now? Cause the game got glitched to the point even reloading the game didn't fix it. Probly gotta redownload. Gonna try that now.

After downloading again: Okay, it's gone, but I have literally no clue how the heck I got that glitch.

Well, the struggle is getting to about level 5 or so. Now I'm having an easier time. But you gotta focus on speed (Prowess) first now. And really good RNG. Now that I can focus on the growth, I think It'll be easier.

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New combat update,
ADVICE: Focus on your HP and Prowess (speed).
Cause enemies are gonna slap you senseless before you can even get off three attacks if you're doing a fresh new run.

I'll get back to you when I get a better win ratio.

Edit: Got to about level 6 now, it's staring to click together.
For any new players, FOCUS ON PROWESS FIRST. Get the big D energy quickness.

Welcome to slime killing simulator. (Grind that EXP!)
I'm sure the combat changes are "GREAT" when you have all the bonuses from previous plays. (When your prowess makes you fast as Sonic)
But starting out... You are WEAK. Multiple enemy attacks to your one move.
You really understand how much the combo system helped out in the early runs. Cause now with you being so slow, the enemy now has it!
Then there's the HP difference in early runs. It's like the enemies (outside of slimes) are near unbeatable for fresh runs.
Like I said, having all the bonuses probly tilts the scales back in your favor. But fresh runs, they are HEAVILY tilted against you.

Can you make the window bigger? Otherwise try options and change where choices appear.

But I thought people came here to get away from reality things like lubing up and friction...

Okay, I don't know if it's me, but the save files keep disappearing.
I know I did a run yesterday, got upwards of 17 achievements first run. (Basically everything you can get in one run.)
Did a save, (I keep using save file 1, delete old progress and save a new file.)
AND IT'S GONE. I know the file was there cause I used a load after starting run 2. Deleted run 1 and saved the new game+.

What is going on here? I'm using the browser game link on the main page.

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Okay, one big problem for me, (besides me clearing my cookies so my old save with everything done is gone...) Is each "New Game" is progressing the cycles.
It should be "cycle 1" each time you do that. Not the next one.

And I mean clicking the third button. Not actually progressing the story to an ending.

Edit: Might've been the autosave. It's fine now.

Re-Edit: Now it's gone... wut?...
Why is it autosaves always cause tons of bugs for a game?

Have you tried the area you first find the "hero" swordsman? The one before the desert.

I like all the fighting aspects, but all the taking over and use of non-consensual scenes are really starting to drag on me.
Also all the story driven plot that reduces you to a weak nobody after all your training. (I get that one plot wise...)
What would the main character do without us? (probly fail her first mission if not for plot armor.)

You get the corrupted if you are pure, you get the pure if you are corrupted.

If you ain't seeing the pure version, you don't have enough corruption on you at that moment.

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Oh cool, And I just finished getting all the achievements in the previous one. Leveling is so easy now. Still wondering when the numbers get too big. Kinda narratively funny how you can be basically the size of a planet and the bad guys are all like "Prey!", "I'm still the bad guy! I'm still bigger than you!", or "I think I can take em!". Then a few multi-thousand damage hits later, they dead.

Edit: So level 121, all the abilities without any corruption. (except from demonic growth. That's a total +35 at 5/5 for those wondering.) About 20,000 Miles big. And Drenth is still like "No... there's no way he could take them on." And I'm all like... "You serious?..."

You can tell him about Nyx after you visit the manor. He'll show up automatically when you enter the monolith. The different endings is if you win against his fight or lose against him.
The Power word achievement will be done automatically after you get the losing ending and then meet him again in another cycle.

Just had a "WHAT THE HELL, Did I just break the game?!" moment.
I thought I was getting tons of size boosts. And then just one Draco's Omnipotence and BOOM. Instantly going from around 500 feet to over 3000 feet!

Combine that with the overgrowth in limit breaks and you have UNLIMITED GROWTH AND ESSENCE!!! Every growth in battle will give you thousands of essence! That then boosts D.O. which is an infinite loop of growth!

So fair warning for anyone else who wants instant growth and tons of essence. One Draco's Omnipotence is all it takes

This is the start of something really good. You have a good system going here.
You could probly fit 2-3 more of each type of event.
And obviously a bunch more friends.
Obviously include a few more girls as well.

The limits really are imagination.

Played for a little bit, gonna be honest, gameplay is still super unrewarding. You literally NEED to grind all the reputation and just max out strength stat to even have a chance. And that is HUNDREDS of plays. The Grind itself ain't even that satisfying. (You still only last two-three days max with 15 strength. And stamina is just spent all the time!)

All the improvements are nice. But the core battle gameplay is still the worst aspect of the game. You might as well just allow stamina to restore after every attack. So light attacks would be for stamina restoring and heavy would actually cause it to drop.

I do not like losing so damn often. I don't want to go through a thousand gameplays just to be semi-good at survival. It's rage quit inducing.

Also, Achievements keep resetting all the time. Constantly

Looking forward to that triple the limit breaks. Hopefully that's gonna make the growth aspect of the game viable again.

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Quick Strength up strategy for current 0.7.3 build:
Just dominate "The Bind". Do this over and over and you can easily gain over 300+ strength. (Easy damage.)
With the new limiters in place, you won't have to worry about getting too big anymore either. But when you up the limiters, it's instant growth. Except for height.
If you take the other path with The Bind, you get an EXP booster. Good for first runs.
I think the limit for either perk is 10.
With all that extra power, you should grow easily with the Growth Sigil from Torgar.
Also, you should be able to one shot basically everything.

I'm going to have to point this out. Now that there are size caps, all the " Powers of Growth" Skills you previously could level up are completely irrelevant. You're gonna have to completely get rid of all of them now.

Maybe have a "Limit Breaker" tree instead that boosts how many limit breaks you get each two levels or multiplies the max size for each limiter. Muscles, Height, and both sizes. Four skills a piece, each adds another multiplier. (2->5 times max size.)

Just a few good strikes with the Growth Sigil from Togar is enough to cap out anything. Especially if you got like 500+ strength. BTW, tons of ups, easily hit over 1000 strength. Everything is dying in one hit.

Right now, when the red text shows up for forest (yoga girl), and anyone in deep forest.
So anyone with over 300HP is basically a raid boss right now. Cause strong attack at full stamina is around 27-30 attack. Then it quickly goes down if you don't have huge stamina regen. So that's at best (about 4-5 hits) around 120-150 damage with rests in between each attack with decent stamina regen. And by then you have some kinda debuff that ruins your attack or you're out of stamina. Basically, an instant loss.
Then also by day 3-4 the attack power of most of the enemies are starting to get crazy, or the zero attack power enemies with pure lust attacks are getting up there in health as well.
The 5 points per strength up really demotivates any investment into attack power. Also, with the cost for each upgrade increasing, honestly, I believe in my opinion that's a dick move. 2 points per strength should be it. Especially because you only start at 10 attack power and by day 3 most of the attack of the enemies are already at 15 or so. Very unbalanced.

You got the basic gameplay down, it's just a matter of balancing the early game vs late game where you have all the skill perks.

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Even on "Normal", the game is absurdly hard. You should probly make Stamina Recovery every 1 point and Damage every 2 points. Even then, pretty sure most runs will only last upwards of 5-7 days.

Really, tying damage to stamina is not the best system. Either make the costs for attacks half what they are now or rework the stats system like said above. Overall good game. It's just the management side that is lacking fairness. Also the HP on some of them is TOO DAMN MUCH. Raid bosses outta nowhere man.

Also, the Corrupt / Addiction resist as it is doesn't mean SH*T!!! That probly has to be 5% per point for it to even mean anything. AGAIN, keep up the good work.

Cool. Glad to have helped.

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I think somehow, I triggered an event that might've cancelled out her giving the spell or something. I remember saying "That ain't the book" on the thieves, saw the slime gal, was leveling and asking basically each day "About that spell" and somehow I think some other event skipped it or something. Was it visiting Morgan's lab or the Toymaker? Or was it a visit to the gate that did it? (trying to help here.)

Started the Game from fresh again, And I think there's a way for you to NOT get the cleanse spell from Evie. She doesn't want to teach it anymore and I think I'm way farther along than it's possible to get anymore. We're already teaming up and everything. Might want to sell an extra copy at the Magic Store.

NOTE, Do not play in browser. Game straight up closes when I tried to crouch and vent. (MEGA SUS) Also Mouse will exit screen. ALSO all of WASD only goes forward

30 feet?.... ROOKIE NUMBERS!!! Try upwards of miles.

Where's the "Adult"? Ain't nothing happening, it's just a tetris game. BORING.