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Looking forward to that triple the limit breaks. Hopefully that's gonna make the growth aspect of the game viable again.

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Quick Strength up strategy for current 0.7.3 build:
Just dominate "The Bind". Do this over and over and you can easily gain over 300+ strength. (Easy damage.)
With the new limiters in place, you won't have to worry about getting too big anymore either. But when you up the limiters, it's instant growth. Except for height.
If you take the other path with The Bind, you get an EXP booster. Good for first runs.
I think the limit for either perk is 10.
With all that extra power, you should grow easily with the Growth Sigil from Torgar.
Also, you should be able to one shot basically everything.

I'm going to have to point this out. Now that there are size caps, all the " Powers of Growth" Skills you previously could level up are completely irrelevant. You're gonna have to completely get rid of all of them now.

Maybe have a "Limit Breaker" tree instead that boosts how many limit breaks you get each two levels or multiplies the max size for each limiter. Muscles, Height, and both sizes. Four skills a piece, each adds another multiplier. (2->5 times max size.)

Just a few good strikes with the Growth Sigil from Togar is enough to cap out anything. Especially if you got like 500+ strength. BTW, tons of ups, easily hit over 1000 strength. Everything is dying in one hit.

Right now, when the red text shows up for forest (yoga girl), and anyone in deep forest.
So anyone with over 300HP is basically a raid boss right now. Cause strong attack at full stamina is around 27-30 attack. Then it quickly goes down if you don't have huge stamina regen. So that's at best (about 4-5 hits) around 120-150 damage with rests in between each attack with decent stamina regen. And by then you have some kinda debuff that ruins your attack or you're out of stamina. Basically, an instant loss.
Then also by day 3-4 the attack power of most of the enemies are starting to get crazy, or the zero attack power enemies with pure lust attacks are getting up there in health as well.
The 5 points per strength up really demotivates any investment into attack power. Also, with the cost for each upgrade increasing, honestly, I believe in my opinion that's a dick move. 2 points per strength should be it. Especially because you only start at 10 attack power and by day 3 most of the attack of the enemies are already at 15 or so. Very unbalanced.

You got the basic gameplay down, it's just a matter of balancing the early game vs late game where you have all the skill perks.

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Even on "Normal", the game is absurdly hard. You should probly make Stamina Recovery every 1 point and Damage every 2 points. Even then, pretty sure most runs will only last upwards of 5-7 days.

Really, tying damage to stamina is not the best system. Either make the costs for attacks half what they are now or rework the stats system like said above. Overall good game. It's just the management side that is lacking fairness. Also the HP on some of them is TOO DAMN MUCH. Raid bosses outta nowhere man.

Also, the Corrupt / Addiction resist as it is doesn't mean SH*T!!! That probly has to be 5% per point for it to even mean anything. AGAIN, keep up the good work.

Cool. Glad to have helped.

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I think somehow, I triggered an event that might've cancelled out her giving the spell or something. I remember saying "That ain't the book" on the thieves, saw the slime gal, was leveling and asking basically each day "About that spell" and somehow I think some other event skipped it or something. Was it visiting Morgan's lab or the Toymaker? Or was it a visit to the gate that did it? (trying to help here.)

Started the Game from fresh again, And I think there's a way for you to NOT get the cleanse spell from Evie. She doesn't want to teach it anymore and I think I'm way farther along than it's possible to get anymore. We're already teaming up and everything. Might want to sell an extra copy at the Magic Store.

NOTE, Do not play in browser. Game straight up closes when I tried to crouch and vent. (MEGA SUS) Also Mouse will exit screen. ALSO all of WASD only goes forward

30 feet?.... ROOKIE NUMBERS!!! Try upwards of miles.

Where's the "Adult"? Ain't nothing happening, it's just a tetris game. BORING.

Yep, that's kinda a big detail next to Tok being removed. Guess I missed the notes somewhere.

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How we gonna get the sigils then if he's removed? Vitality and growth sigils were the most important.

Also, I got to day 75 wondering "WHERE THE HELL IS TOK?!" Before seeing these comments.

Wait, he's gone?! Meaning I gotta rely on other methods for getting muscle mass? Well that's a load of crud

There's a few "New Game Plus", You have to get specific endings to get them though.
Lose to Apothus in the second fight, pick to grow the cocoon and side with either good or bad. (Both are different upgrades.)

That's all that I know of right now

1) That in a porn universe/reality these things happen?... Also story development tends to be done last in porn games. Not everyone is always here for a story, just some basic plot.
2) Upping INT will slow down the slider making your DEX training that much easier to hit the red bar.
3) Relationships in porn worlds almost never happen. (Unless it's a dating sim.)
4) again, porn reality, normal rules of our reality doesn't apply. That or it's pre and mix of juices from the female. But mostly it's fantasy rules.

For a porn game, this is very good so far. More enemies, more access to further levels, unlocking the gallery, and yes more story is all that's needed now

For what each upgradable stat does,
-Strength for sure boosts the yellow bar (Maybe helps with slower lust gain?)
-Dexterity for sure boosts the red critical bar (Maybe helps with escaping holds?)
-Intellect for sure slows down the Slider. (not sure if there's a secondary function to it.)

A proper tutorial or explanation from the creator would be nice as to the actual values of each upgradable stat.

BTW, this means you as a player should first focus on INT. (Might be smart to just straight up spend the $100 from Missy at the library) Then break one toy per level (if your reflexes are that good.), run from the rest, until you can get the Bat and up your INT to a point where you can fight. Then when your stats are good (like 4-5), they'll be locked in that warehouse with you.

Cause you need to up your INT to slow the arrow down. I think STR makes the lust meter rise slower and DEX helps with escapes (or are those two the other way around?...)

Finish a Dungeon. It's right below the shady vendor in a box.

I picked an Apple by a conveyor and got stuck too, used WASD / Arrow Keys to get out of it.

I dunno, didn't have that bug in mine. It costs 200, so save up chips till you have enough to buy it.

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Had no problems here (Downloaded),
Right click is for movement and interacting with highlighted objects.
Left click is your dialogue and menu clicker.

Pretty straightforward game, Definitely wanna see where this is going.
Only thing missing is a Gallery. (and lots more content.)

Also, once you get a Bat and your stats up enough, the toys are locked in there with you. (One red crit swing with the bat should take them out; wind up, teddy, Jill in the box.)

Correct me If I'm wrong, but I think the stats do this:
Strength, helps last longer against sex holds.
Dexterity, helps break sex holds faster.
Intelligence, slows down the speed of the attack slider.

Notes for Dev (V 0.6.9i):
-If you try to right click in a menu, your character will start moving.
-You can overcharge a weapon with the repair kit. (This is a good thing.) So Bat at 90 repairs to 160. (Repair Kits restore 70 to weapons.)
-The Water Gun doesn't show it's durability going down with it's green bar. (even though it is going down.)
-You can buy upgrades with 2 tokens even though it says you need (X) amount. (Perhaps you should just make it 2 per upgrade?)

Right click or arrow keys or WASD keys to move around. Right click is also interact with objects in main map. Left click is for dialogue boxes

Read the controls document before starting the game up...

So about the 142 Billion Miles Size cap:
At level 121, lord of lust demon, height size is 38,452+ Miles.
With all the Growth Multipliers I can have, essence 43,194, Corruption 130,
Growth each max lust is around 1500 Miles. (and obviously will only keep going.)
I literally only have 3 more skills, Warrior of Duality, I can get after this level. Otherwise I got all the other skills.

Growth Multipliers: Memories Cray & Nyx, Demonic Appetite 5, Draco's Omnipotence 10, Unstoppable Expansion 10, Orgasmic growth 3, Kaleth's Fervour 10, Never-Ending Growth.

So pretty sure you're safe at the current cap of 142 Billion Miles.

I got like most of the growth multipliers you can have (without adding corruption.) and in battle, each time is like tens of miles added now. (all the Draco Ability really, getting up to over 30 Miles added each time now.)

Abilities pertaining to growth: Cray and Nyx memories, appetite for growth 5, Draco's omnipotence 10, unstoppable expansion 10, orgasmic growth 3. 

Current level, 86, 1983+ miles right now.
Corruption is 30 cause the memory boosts. (no corruption gain since the newgame+ starting.)

There are A LOT of bugs. Gameplay is super hardcore, 1 shot on us but like 1000 for the enemy?! Why can't we have the same cloth removal mechanics for HP?, Could have Mouse interaction for the menus, gets stuck after interaction scenes even for gallery.

Artwork is there, but the game aspect is super rage-y.
You need to seriously work on the game flow.
I'm trying to help with this critique btw, you have a good start here.

At least I know there's some kinda stopping with the "Endless growth". But you know now, that means someone's gonna try it. Also, how humiliating would it be to be that big, and still have tiny mortal sized health? Like two hits from some punk slime and this planet sized being is taken out. That is some crazy stuff.

Wait, Max size is basically 142 BILLION miles?... So basically using planets as beads then? Sometimes too big is just too damn big, But I guess if that's your thing, it's your thing. And here I though anything over 50ft was too big for normal stuff of the game. The player's head does still grow in proportion, right?...

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I think the in game clock is busted. Each 25 days is being another "Cycle" when it was 100 days before. At least in the public version I'm playing.

Also, what's with the crazy growth rate of the slimes in the north? One fight it's 25ft, next thing I know it's 50ft! What kinda growth mechanic is going on there? Is it the glitching cycles?

only as max as all the extra stat points can give you.  So no, you can't start with all stats at like 10-12. That would be some OP God mode though. Like Born a Half-God. (+4 to all stats) But it would have to be locked behind something big.

Solid Bones for a game, on the very first enemy I did the grapple with, camera got stuck and didn't move after. Died and it was fine after. Obviously make a gallery once you get around to it.

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Well GOOD NEWS, it doesn't run as crap anymore. (for the most part. Gotta close that door on the two in Sewer Hallway.) Acceptable frame rates even at max render distance and FOV. I'd guess you pros call it slightly choppy, but it's workable.

Also I figured out the Steam Area directions. Hint, it's in the sounds.

So I can finally has FOUR HUNGER CHARMS and be overstocked with food even as a Half Orc? Awesome!

WASD movement.
Q & E for Bomb and Potion.
F for Climax Attack.

Just suggestions.

Simple, Addictive, can one hand the gameplay, and... (sorry!!!) could team up with some good artist to make it even better. (Or at least upgrade the art over time?...)

Again, just an IDEA, no idea if they will incorporate it. But seems like there's desire for it.

HEY Majalis! You got a response for these folks?