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Hi Spencer!

I have 2 games which are not free, I'd be happy if you can review both of them for this bundle:

A Night at the Races, which is an action platformer wrapped in a myst-style narrative adventure, all telling a single story: A guy trying to pay his debts by winning in a computer game tournament. All game takes place in one night & unexpected stuff keep happening:

Madville+ is a rogue-like arena shooter, with very weird and crazy upgrades. A lot of replayability, a lot of suprises:

Please feel free to let me know if you need me to provide anything else. 



Thanks, glad you liked it!

I love it! :D

Aaah excellent animations & pixel art! Great mockup!

Amazing style and attention to detail. If this was a finished game, I would definitely download and play it right now

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I love the style and the setting! Looks so much fun :)

So much character in the drawings, very very well done. I love the perspective in the gameplay screen mockup, brilliant. I would definitely play this!

I love everything about this! I hope we can play it in the future!

Thanks for dropping by, I'm glad you liked it! 

Thanks! I love fisheye lens, yeah :)

Thanks for the encouraging words, I appreciate it! I hope I can turn it into something nice!


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When I try to upload a game banner, it doesn't show up on the game page. 

It seems to be uploading okay, it says 100%, then a broken image icon appears, both in game page and "edit theme" panel. 

In the edit panel, there is also a turning circle on a grey rectangle, indicating some kind of processing, but it never ends. I also tried logging off & on again, nothing changed.

I tried it with a jpg file, 960x400, so it should appear directly without any processing, I assume? Don't know if this is a server hickup or something else, just wanted to drop a note here.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, I'm happy you liked it! It was very fun to watch, thanks for sharing it! :)

Thanks for playing and for the video, I'm glad you liked it! :) 

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Hey, thanks for playing and leaving a detailed comment! I'm glad you liked it :)

Hi everyone! 

I updated & released my old flash game from 2014 as a free downloadable game, only to be available on itchio! 

It's a straight-forward medieval-fantasy / action game, which uses mouse for movement & action at the same time. You also use keyboard keys to jump and activate spells.

It was a sweet experiment back then but it had rough edges and little variety. Now it has more enemies, better flow & smoother controls and lot more!

I'm happy to be able to release it in October, fitting in with the spooky theme :) 

Check it out and let me know what you think !   ----->

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Hello everyone, 

I realized I haven't post my new released game's announcement here, so here we go. 

Madville+ is a re-vamped and re-designed version of my old flash game (from 2013), with much more guns / upgrades & more replayability in mind. 

It has kinda similar vibe to games like Vampire Survivors, 20 mins till dawn, brotato etc. 

Compared to them, it's upgrade system is very different, I wanted to apply some current design trends from these newer games but it's not exactly trying to be one of those. The original game was very different and I didn't want to re-write a complete new game and lose its soul. I hope you like it and have fun playing it.

Get the game and play here:

Thanks for reading.

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Hello everyone!

I prepared a PC version of my old flash game (with full-screen support & some UX adjustments) and it is now available on Itch, after 10 years it's first release!

Flash is now dead and nobody probably remembers this one, but happily some people on twitter was still remembering it and this game was their number one choice on the poll I ran (where I asked people them to choose the next remaster)

In the game, you perform random experiments on your snake for science... or for other reasons, in a relaxed environment. Yes, it's kind of a snake game, albeit a light-hearted and experimental one, with interesting & ever-changing mechanics to keep it interesting & surprising. 

It had around 1.5 million views back in the day, so I hope you'll give it a chance too!

You can download it here (free):


Thanks, very cool walkthrough!

Ah, great to hear that! Thank you for letting me know, enjoy! :)

Thanks! I'm not 100% sure but this version should work on win32 bit as far as I'm aware.

Thanks, unfortunately the tech/framework I used for this game doesn't support Linux builds. 

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An improved version for my 2010 flash game (which got pretty popular in its heyday), is now available for download ONLY on

It's a fast-paced arcade racing game, using the similar technique of retro classics like Outrun, Top Gear, Pole Position, Lotus, Crazy Cars, etc. The improvements include gameplay (where the difficulty is handled much better this time) and graphics.

There are 10 tracks, with different difficulties and some track-specific features: Roads with traffic in opposite direction, roads with differing widths, tunnels, fog & night levels, rain & snow (though these last ones have only cosmetic effect)... In addition to beating your rivals (9 per track), you can make points by making close passes to other cars, and multiply it's effect when you manage to do that back-to-back, without crashing. There are also some achievements for people who wants to challenge themselves.

It's a fairly simplistic game, but I love it because of it's simple arcade feel. This was the game that enabled me as a flash developer to continue my journey.

I'd love to hear your opinions, feel free to drop a comment on the game's page please.

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Actuellement indisponible, peut-être à l'avenir.  

(Translated by google, sorry if it's not correct. Game is only available in English right now. Other languages may follow in the future, but it is not for certain, unfortunately)

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Hello, I finally released my first PC game on Itch:

Play a guy who is trying to complete a fast-paced platformer in a single night, to pay his debts!

Game is mainly a platformer-runner hybrid, but there are narrative-driven, adventure-esque parts between platforming segments, where we see how our night evolves. Just to be clear, those parts don't contain any sorts of puzzle etc. like an adventure game. 

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have! (Though I might not answer immediately since it's almost midnight here as I wrote this :D )

You can get it here:

Thanks for reading!