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a 2015 mac.  i imagine i may be able to boot an older version of windows somehow but i've never had a ton of luck with doing that.

i don't have a windows machine at this moment but it's cool that you're using the King's Field engine

To add to the fun, I'm fairly certain the current Mac build will not work on M1/M2 Macs but only older Macs with Intel chips. 

I have access to an M1 machine that I can try to build it on soon, however.

this game made me a real boy

Awesome -- looking forward to trying this out

ahh that makes sense. Thank you for the reply, I'll try working around it so I can play the game 

Really great game here. Took a second for me to figure out the use of resources in the turn-based combat but then I really appreciated the game loop of drilling around for resources to use in battle. Not to say that I was any good at it. The animations and sound design were excellent as well. Great job.

I enjoyed the concept although it took a couple of plays to get the mechanics. Overall kind of relaxing for a competitive game. Would be cool to play with a person (non-AI). I also really liked the audio design and color palette. Nice work.

I couldn't really rate it since I couldn't get the browser version to get past the screen with the controls. I liked the intro music, though.

I think the game could use some clearer menu icons and transitions from menu to game to game-over and so on. As well as walking animations. These are pretty minor compared to the fact that you have a fun core concept to build on. The physics and controls feel nice to run around with as well.

I got wrecked by some green guy who could fly around in the bottom of a pit, also.

I really enjoyed this game's aesthetic. The art, animations, faux-CRT, etc., are all really great. The monster design is fun and creepy. Reminds me of Clock Tower a bit. Great job. I got ate up just after getting the bolt cutters.

more thoughts after watching the VOD of honest dan playing:

  • different background graphic for score screen when you survive vs. dying by hitting a platform vs. dying by hitting the ground
  • better sound volume during the game, or option to tweak volume(s)
  • more sense of progression throughout the fall, e.g. change in sounds or platform colors (there is a background noise about halfway through but it's probably far too subtle), more to the environment than the falling course so that you have landmarks
  • fix stuttering sound issue
  • fix mis-sized menus and backgrounds on large screens

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I like the idea of making the ground area a bit more interesting, I'll keep that in mind when I iterate on this. 

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I plan on changing the contrast issue once the jam is over -- I agree, you should be battling the physics, not your ability to see a platform. I may also tweak the physics in terms of being able to move a little more freely in the air; but the sense of impending doom when you miss too many platforms is also part of the game I suppose.

Thanks again!

Fun puzzle game. I did notice that the bonus tile seems buggy in that sometimes it will show up and then disappear right away instead of "shrinking" out of existence. Definitely more challenging than I expected and it would be cool to see this concept polished and expanded on.

I like the particle effects and the customization available. However it looks like some of the debug settings are left on in the web version (like FPS counter) and some of the graphics seem out-of-place. Overall a fun platformer that needs a little polish. The full version of Trigo Run will probably be very cool once it's done :thumbs-up:

Nice music/sfx, and straightforward otherwise. I'm not sure if there is more to the game beyond the flappybird-esque sequence because I keep dying within 30 seconds but I appreciated it nonetheless.

Oof, I really need to work on my memory skills. I couldn't save more than 2 robots in my first few playthroughs. Really cool game and seems polished as well.

Really enjoyable competitive puzzle game, at least once I figured out the rules somewhat. Love the NES graphics and sound.

I enjoyed the graphics and SFX, but unfortunately I picked level 6 at first (is that what the numbers are?) and could not get over the initial spikes. I died and could not restart. Fits the theme well and is a good puzzle/platformer concept overall.

I enjoy the art a lot, and the concept. Very challenging game. Seems like a good idea for a puzzle game and is on point for the theme. Unfortunately the web version crashed once, and it seems that the camera didn't follow the player as I went off screen.

Screenshot of error message in case that helps.

I died of cringe after only 5 days (once I started going up against more than one "opponent"). I like this take on JRPG-style "combat" and it could probably be fitted into a larger game, along with the calendar mechanic. The music and SFX were also on point. Great job.

I just noticed when re-reading this -- the numbering for the steps looks to be broken at the moment.

This is a great tutorial for getting started on a pixel art project -- thanks!

I have noticed that sometimes the game is very sped up in the web player. If the intro music is goofy-fast then you've ran into this bug. I'll post a devlog if I come across a fix besides refreshing the page.

I love the music, art, and concept here. Great work. Definitely could be a game on the SNES.

thank you for playing!

of course -- thanks for the feedback!

i added some labels and also if you wait on the menu screen it shows controls, etc. -- i'll try to brainstorm other ideas for ux. thanks

thanks for the feedback, would be helpful to know which parts needed explaining right off the bat vs. parts that you figure out by playing a little -- would it help to point out or label the directional arrows for move intent, and the countdown (with labels like "MOVE" and "COUNT" or something? or would that not help explain the actual mechanics? would it help to count down the number of "enemies" left so you know the goal is to get them all? etc.

I made it 59.38 seconds! Pretty tough, but fun and fair.

I love the 1-bit graphics here!

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this looks great, can it be played on an emulator?
edit: oh i just saw your reply:

thank you, i was inspired by atari-era games

diagram showing the unlabeled HUD elements:

here are some tips on how to play:

sorry, it looks like the short URL expired or something

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- you move automatically when the countdown reaches zero

- use arrow keys to select your next move

- use z or x to show where your sprite is

- goal is to eliminate all other sprites

- you eliminate a sprite by touching it when you are not the same sprite

- you lose by touching a sprite that is the same as yours

- other sprites move when the countdown is at 1

Seems like space-to-fire doesn't work but pressing space did let me start the game. Thanks!