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Thanks muchly for the Unity tool! gonna be usin' that this jam

The bird mechanic felt really confusing and difficult to get the hang of, but the hoverboard gameplay, the aesthetic, and sound design was on point and I really loved that. Nice work!

Interesting concept, wish there was an easier way to get to a certain outcome, but overall i think it's a very interesting idea! Nice job!

Attacking felt a bit buggy, and it felt like I didn't really need to baby that much, felt more like a burden than something helpful. Like the idea though, really original!

I like the idea of this one quite a bit! Wish there were some levels where more than 2 keys were combined, neat idea!

Love the art, music was charming, but some of the sound effects hurt my ears before I turned my volume down. Platforming was really nice, overall a charming and fun game!

Loved the visuals and music, some of the levels felt like they had some unfair checkpoints, but overall, really enjoyed this one!

While a bit basic, it executes it's idea pretty well! Was short and didn't overstay it's welcome, nice!

Really simple and cool, had fun with this one. Too short! :)

The only negative thing I have to say about this game is there isn't enough of it! super satasfying and fun

Thanks! :) I used the free web app Piskel to make em, it's a real handy tool for this sort of thing

Thanks for the play!

Done! I don't have a Mac to test it on, but hopefully it, being simple enough, should work.

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We split the work 50/50, I did the art and level, and Harley did the programming. We're both fairly experienced with Unity at this point, so getting a game like this up and finished in an hour while not exactly a walk in the park, was a goal we were able to complete.

awesome :)

We didn't have time to export for more systems, can we build and submit MacOS and Web versions after we've submitted?

This one's cute!

Pretty solid! Love the movement, kinda unique!

download the image here 

I'm going to start the Jam soon, just wondering when we'll have access to the asset pack?

I love it when people take an established game and turn it into something else, and this is no exception. Really cool idea, fairly solid execution.

Simple, novel idea, and fun! The music is catchy and the sound effects make running over those boners a joy! Love this one

Really cute art, nice music too! Interesting one for sure, I like it!

fairly simple, and while I'd rather have multiple floors to go though, the mechanics on their own were pretty fun, nice job! :D

This is a seriously cool idea, I would really like to see this fleshed out with stuff like mission types or objectives, otherwise though the combat is super fun, though some enemies I couldn't lock my missiles on, and most of the time I didn't understand what was happening. I am a big fan of the turn-based dog fighting though, that's a super unique idea.

Really impressed with this one, I love how the character feels to control, feels very smooth especially thanks to the animations. The music is nice too!

With a little bit more time I could have seen this turning into something pretty neat. If it's got anything going for it now though, it's got some cute art :)

I liked this one very much, a simple but solid roguelike, I'll probably come back to this one casually. Great stuff!