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After playing a few times, the game suddenly crashes. I am using Windows 11 running Google Chrome. Played for a long while and utilizing the controls to the maxespecially with the maxing out of many projectiles and entities at once.

It's great that you made the attempt to infuse both of them at once, but the problem stems from the core gameplay that feels like two separate games. I can only ignore the moving character for long until it reaches the top. Additionally, having a mouse cursor being restricted to switching two neighboring blocks on left and right doesn't give enough flexibility to move blocks. With the player having to micro manage between positioning the player to be at the very bottom and doing the chaining to gain score in the meanwhile, it's not the most intuitive core loop. At least it's good the game scope is very small to allow trials and errors to be played out.

If you want to look at examples that does infuse color match and platforming more smoothly, you may want to look at some examples like Mr. Driller and Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe. They infuse the player movement and action as integral to clearing blocks without having the cursor floating around and doing the work separately.

Did you forget to update your game to the browser? It's currently 1.04 while your windows version is at 1.06

I like the premise of the game, but can you upload the game for play on the web browser?

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All I can say that it is a very commendable game that pays tribute to Gradius with a few little unique points, such as options being required to upgrade twice for later unlock-able types compared to easy upgradable missiles and main shots for the first three types. Additionally, it's great that each type has a special button to play around with Option formation, which is expanded from Gradius V. While I do wish those games that involve the upgrade gauge can be experimented further, at least this game fills a good niche for those wanting to crave some memories of playing Gradius games.

Not to mention that the three level routes distinguish yet delightly derive from the first three Gradius games in term of theme. Plenty of hard stuff to get people replaying this continuously, and to grind for more points to unlock more types.

The only concern is the amount of points required to spend on the unlocking types that take longer than desired. Maybe shortening the amount of points required could allow more flexibility with various types sooner.

Found a few more breaking bugs when playing through boss rush mode:

1. After defeating first phase of boss 10, which involves the black spiky ball then transforms into rainbow square, which fell on the paddle on its last stock, hits 0 then the score was high enough to trigger the stock extend, the paddle plays through without another ball spawning. Somewhere, it managed to tick ball count required to be 0 without proper lock-in for game over.

2. On the corrupted carrier ship, boss 12, several balls landed (both of them happen to be spark balls) onto the hit-able parts on slowdown at the edges, they stayed tight for so long the game freezes again, unable to pause the game. Had to force exit.

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Playing on latest version on Mac OSX

Found one more game breaking bug:

Endless mode - After random trigger of fire popping out of bricks, no more bricks can be produced, making endless mode impossible.

No matter what happens, there should always be bricks generated above the play field. No bricks shall be destroyed by screen clearing events when outside the play field.

It specifically happens when there are no indestructible blocks on screen.

One more game breaking bug:

After finding the toxic monster in the invader mode, when high score has been entered, the achievement screen pops up, without disappearing nor having button prompt. I could not even pause the game. I had to quit the game.

Man... I watched that youtube video, and the characters are weirdly comedic. Hopefully when the mac build is complete, I can finally try this hidden gem out.

Found another game breaking bug: Hitting the bomb block with paddle while moving, caused by a brick dropping red ship, makes it into a transparent dud. Making the level impossible to beat.

Also discovered a game breaking glitch involving operative and ice. For some strange reason, when the operative uses ice so many times, the game suddenly freezes, cannot pause the game yet my mouse can still move.

I found an impossible level to complete because the ball disappears before it can hit the brick below. I tried to aim for that. If you want those levels to be completed, then losing the ball would have to go completely out of bounds at the bottom. The N powerup, the nitro-ball actually pushed the level downward, which explains the ball being lost before hitting the bottom.
Either have the bottom most bricks destroyed by the nitro wrecking ball effect or have the ball be lost from reaching the bottom of the screen past the UI elements.

I am curious if you plan to include support for spinner controls, which is basically a 1 axis rotating mechanism found in various arcade titles.

I am having a good time by trying the online version before purchasing the full version. Looking forward to playing it out with several fellows when I have them.

It seems to be a very promising product so far. Do you plan to add simultaneous players (2-4)?

Hello there. I decided it would be best for me to showcase my prototype as I feel confident with a complete and functional game in prototype form.

I like to take in feedback from anyone who has tried this game to feel motivated to refine and improve the game.