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Playing on latest version on Mac OSX

Found one more game breaking bug:

Endless mode - After random trigger of fire popping out of bricks, no more bricks can be produced, making endless mode impossible.

No matter what happens, there should always be bricks generated above the play field. No bricks shall be destroyed by screen clearing events when outside the play field.

It specifically happens when there are no indestructible blocks on screen.

One more game breaking bug:

After finding the toxic monster in the invader mode, when high score has been entered, the achievement screen pops up, without disappearing nor having button prompt. I could not even pause the game. I had to quit the game.

Hey thank you for the update. Will add those problems to the list should be an easy fix.

I do have a big list of updates and new features to put into the game but game development isn't my full time job and i am working on some other (more boring) projects currently.

I am hoping to release some new content for BB by about April (3 new power ups, 3 new bad guys/drones, new mouse control UI, bug fixes you have addressed)

One day in the long haul i want to create a level editor so anyone can make levels.