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I found an impossible level to complete because the ball disappears before it can hit the brick below. I tried to aim for that. If you want those levels to be completed, then losing the ball would have to go completely out of bounds at the bottom. The N powerup, the nitro-ball actually pushed the level downward, which explains the ball being lost before hitting the bottom.
Either have the bottom most bricks destroyed by the nitro wrecking ball effect or have the ball be lost from reaching the bottom of the screen past the UI elements.

Also discovered a game breaking glitch involving operative and ice. For some strange reason, when the operative uses ice so many times, the game suddenly freezes, cannot pause the game yet my mouse can still move.

Thanks for the bug finding. I add this to my bug list to investigate. Thanks for letting me know 

Yep i see the problem. No worries that should be an easy fix. I thought when N pushed the level down. Bricks lower than the UI should be destroyed... obviously that didn't  happen so will look into this one. 

If you do find yourself for whatever reason in  an unpassable level a work  around is to pause the game and exit back to the main menu, the game will auto save your progress when you go to start a game again you can restore from the start of the level.  

Found another game breaking bug: Hitting the bomb block with paddle while moving, caused by a brick dropping red ship, makes it into a transparent dud. Making the level impossible to beat.

Thank you very much - will look into this one and add it to the list, nice to see you are playing on a Mac too!