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Definately needs more levels! (too good to leav it just to 3)

Gem, needs to be seen.

Some control over the map would have been nice. One thing I noticed near the end was that enemy ships were spawning without their own cities, or cities nearby at all!

Some information on one's resources would've been nice.

While idea itself clearly is good, the game lacks levels and thus is difficult to say what would come of it. 

If you are to finish your game, an ammo counter would be nice addition.

Very, very solid mechanic. Difficulty does ramp a bit on certain point, and it would be nice to have the boundary line visible so the play area is clear for all the hijinks.

The last level's one enemy placement was a bit annoying, but but I liked the concept besides that.

A  slight falling mechanic to the grapling hook would have been a welcome addition to the game. Nevertheless, I did manage to get occasionally respectacle speeds.

Shields act more like walls... And your recource here is time. Nice idea here tho.