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This remake is cancelled.

Amazing, the way Lancer bounces and moves around is so elegant, the artstyle is amazing and the music is just... muahh!

Thank you for the feedback 

Thank you for the awesome feedback! 

Thank you so much for the feedback on the music! I tried to make it not the focus of the game so it's one repeating melody. 

Cool game!

Today I'm going to discuss, free assets. And why you shouldn't use them.

Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks for the feedback! I put in the game's discription what the dice does.

I'll make my next jam game easier (I think I'm the only one who has found a working strategy lol)

Good game!

It was pretty fun and had some good music!

Pretty cool game!

Try this strategy: Attack until your HP is close to 50, when it is close to 50 use defend. 

And thank you for the wonderful feedback!

Shoot I forgot to add what it does and is.

Still possible

Really great game!

thank you for the info

could you guys make a portable version?

Pretty cool game!

I think it's my integrated graphics (intel hd graphics 500 or something(very pro))

it keeps on saying fatal error when trying to open i

cool game but i fell thru the map

(1 edit)

the game should have a discord server

Pretty fun

Took me a second to figure out what to do (and i mean after first death)

It's like a Donkey Kong simulator

Yes you're right I want to do more like bug fixes, walking on the stones instead of walking diagonaly and make a better main menu

And I thank you for this wonderfull feedback you gave me

thanks for the feedback and to kick them you have to walk up diagonaly

thanks man

i feel confident in publishing more games now

idk why but the boss clicking wont work in the browser version so i recomend downloading the game

windows uses .exe to open programs

so if you're not on windows sorry but you cant play

oh to kick the rock on the left you have to walk diagonaly to the left and same for the right ones but right

bro this is epic

i recomend download since the browser version is weird

also the game tells you what to do in the main menu

does this have controller support?

No problem

i like the art style

i recomend downloading since the browser version is weird