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This game is so cool! The music is really good, the pixelart is nice, and the little bits of story are interesting. Although some of the attacks are not very visible (especially the guard bossfight). And the gameplay is fun as hell!

It's rubidium disk mannequins by Gnashers


Its simple but nice

Thanks, I stole it

Thank you so much for reporting, it should work now

Nice game, kinda hard but overall enjoyable

The moving platform do kinda suck, mainly because they move at a different speed than you so its really difficult to just stay on them and given that you cant stop and wait, getting on is also extremly challenging. Because of that i was unable to finnish the third level, but the rest of the game was fun!

Nice Game!

One small issue is that the camera zooms in ater a while, making the game much less pleasant to play


Yea, the jump was better but still not the best.

It was nice and fun though the sound effects were a bit too loud and anoying

It's fun but i walked off the stage and got stuck on the edge of the treadmill

Thank you very much!

Thanks for feedback! Yea that's because you're not really supposed to do more than the two attacks on the dummy but i have no idea why the game crashes at the second guy.

Thanks for the feedback! It's definetly in a rough state and i didn't have time to properly bug test it but i know there is no fire fist sound because i didn't get it in in time

Nice fun subversive game! Only problem is after some of the princes leave if you did all of the minigames you become stuck.

Kinda tough, not everything is super well explained, but it was fun.


Im unable to open that file, and it doesn't even make the "click" like other stuff you can't open

Yes I did. Not sure if im just dumb but for the life of me i cant find

I wasnt able to locate so i couldn't do the first puzzle unfortunately

This game seriouslz made me feel better

is good

Visualy awesome game, fun gameplay and a bit challanging

It's based on the mouse position but you're right should have made that more clear

Genuinly awesome game. The art is great the difficulty is good and the sound when you slap a mask on someone is genuinly so satisfying. Mask hitting people who already have masks is a little annoying but otherwise its great.

Great game! Combat is good enemies are varied and the mechanic is super inventive

Wow. This is awesome. The ambience, the mood. Awesome!

Great game, Alt is not the best jump button tho