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Thought i'd put this in a new thread in case anyone can figure this out and tell me I'm wrong

It seems like I've been missing out on damage I should have been receiving. Here's a pic of how a game just ended:

according to my calculations, I had a total of 42 defence and 10 folks for the final battle. The enemy had a total of 76 attack points. And yet somehow I survived with one guy left over. Am I calculating this wrong? Thats an extra 25 defence points that appeared from somewhere...

Unless there a chance for monster attacks to miss?

Strange bug I've been noticing where damage I should be getting is ignored. This is the end of a game I was playing on v hard, as you can see the damage from the remaining monsters adds up to way more than my defence, but I only lost 6 folks in the end. In fact I calculate I had about 24 extra defence points, which by coincidence (or not?) is equal to my garrison dice, like they were doubled somehow.

Since I often change my mind about which mission to use my dice on, I began locking dice in the battlefield rather than moving them on to the card. I think as long as that is an option its ok to auto-complete cards, but it might be confusing for new players that some cards need a button click and some don't, so maybe have auto-validation as a menu option and default to off.

Had a go at the updated version - woodcutter seems a bit broken. The lock stops working so you can use it infinitely, but even if you stick to just one use a day it feels quite overpowered.

Church is a nice addition. I also like how you can do multiple missions each day. The item that turns 2 monsters into 2x(1) dice in the garrison is kind of useless now that space in the garrison is limited, you would want to save those spaces for higher numbers. Also I put a drunk (6) in the garrison and it fell out the next day, which was funny until i realised it overwrote the garrison space so I couldnt add any other dice there. Bit harsh that.

Great game, been playing it all weekend. Got to the point where I can consistently beat normal and sometimes hard. There are some heros who I rarely/never use, namely (2), (3) and (4). Maybe there are different strategies that benefit more from these, but I just find the other ones way more useful, especiallly (1) and (5). (6) is useful for getting a fast excalibur at the beginning. I should probably experiment more with the others...

The only building I never bother using is the moat. Again, there is usually always something better to use the dice on, but that might be the way I play. I tend to ignore the weaker monsters and build up enough defence to tank their damage.

Spells for me are a back-up if I end up with bad dice, which is why merlin isnt any use, I rarely plan on using spells in advance. The only spell I almost never use is the missile one, I'm still not entirely sure how that one works, the wording is a bit confusing.

Would be interesting to watch someone else play and see if I'm missing out on a lot of strats. Seems like most of the stuff is useful in certain situations.