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damage bug

A topic by mouldy created Nov 29, 2018 Views: 78 Replies: 1
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Thought i'd put this in a new thread in case anyone can figure this out and tell me I'm wrong

It seems like I've been missing out on damage I should have been receiving. Here's a pic of how a game just ended:

according to my calculations, I had a total of 42 defence and 10 folks for the final battle. The enemy had a total of 76 attack points. And yet somehow I survived with one guy left over. Am I calculating this wrong? Thats an extra 25 defence points that appeared from somewhere...

Unless there a chance for monster attacks to miss?

Developer (1 edit)

It's a known bug : Beast and armies can't deal more damage than your total folks. It means that all damage on your defense was not higher than 10 and even less after your folks go down to 1. I plan to release v 0.5 very soon.