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Impressions and Bugs

A topic by Brenden Gibbons Makes Stuff created Nov 28, 2018 Views: 372 Replies: 2
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Quick fun bug first: Not sure what caused it, but I somehow lifted the Once a Day lock on the woodcutter and now I have ALL THE DICE.

And I gotta say it's a fantastic game. Love the interplay of systems and how each knocks back on to each other. Unfortunately the beginner modes actually hamper understanding because for example, I'm still allowed to send dice to the round table to get gold but.. it doesn't do anything. I think your instinct of removing systems is not a bad idea, but I think you almost end up needing additional systems to take care of the stuff that was pared back. 

Additional bugs/notes: (I'm sure most of these are already on your list)

  • Game does not finish when there are no enemies left
  • I am able to put more dice on finished quests. 
  • Spare building cards are awkwardly there when all slots are full implies the ability to build them. Maybe grey them out when all slots are full, or give the ability to destroy built buildings.
  • Game sometimes does not give spells when dice are given to the spell cards (Haven't tried to replicate this under non-bugged condition of too many dice due to woodcutter)

Anyway, I tried to see how many dice it takes to crash your game. It was about 100. Not sure what happened to the bottom part of the screen, but I had roughly 5 dice in the tavern and 3 dice on my buildings (two on a big wall, one on a moat)

But yeah, it's a wonderful game. I would easily pay £10-£15 for the finished version.

Strange bug I've been noticing where damage I should be getting is ignored. This is the end of a game I was playing on v hard, as you can see the damage from the remaining monsters adds up to way more than my defence, but I only lost 6 folks in the end. In fact I calculate I had about 24 extra defence points, which by coincidence (or not?) is equal to my garrison dice, like they were doubled somehow.

It's fixed on the new version .  The damage of each monsters or armies was capped to folk number on version 0.4