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Picked up several new tools today to help with map creation, texturing, etc. A few PBR texture packs and other things. 

Thanks. : D I am still figuring out where I want it to end up, but it is definitely a mix of nicer quality and low poly. Just finding the right mix is key.

Also, updated the post with a new short video.

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Hey there everyone,

    Fairly new to the site and decided I should probably keep track of my progress. I figured throwing my project up and using the devlog is a good idea to help keep myself motivated. My game is still in the early stages but I figured it was worth sharing what I have so far in case anyone wanted a peek. It is going to start out as a fairly simple RPG. I plan to keep the overall size and scope of the game small at first and then build upon that. Add in co-op to quest with friends, then 3v3 or 5v5 pvp, possibly a few maps that are designed for arena style or deathmatch gameplay. We will see where this road leads. Here are a few early pics and a link to the project in case anyone wants to see updates along the way. It is probably going to be a long journey, but I am mostly just doing it because it is fun and I have always wanted to make games.

There are a few more pics and some short videos in the link as well