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Thank YOU again for playing the game and posting the longer version of your playthrough. Loved the production, really sharp. I appreciate the support. Did you try Don't Dig Up the Dead? Not Aliens related but good retro vibe of explore and fight.

Thanks for playing and I appreciate the feedback. I will add it to my list of possible updates in the future.

Having to use the item list in the manual was part of my intent but you're right in that it can be a lot of back-n-fourth which can slow things down. 

Talking to the Old Man in the village will show you your current stats but I understand that doesn't give you stats for things in your inventory. Burying items from your inventory will give you some more control over your stats but that comes with the added risk of unearthing more ghosts.

Thanks for playing and showing off Alien Harvest and all those other franchise games! I've added a few of them to my list to check out, so that's for covering them and giving them a little spotlight. I appreciate it and hope you had fun playing...and hope you tried to finish the game too. You can even save Jonesy the cat if you make it to the last level.

Thanks for giving it a play and for the kind words. I might explore this style of tower defense more in the future. I'm pretty happy with this entry and surprised I got as far as I did. I think with a few more normal tower defense features (like upgrades, etc) it could pretty fun. Cheers!

Thanks, Andrew, for the effort you've put into giving our PICO-8 creations a little spotlight in RG. And I appreciate you giving Helitack a link, I'm glad you've enjoyed playing it. I'm thinking of doing a little post mortem now too.

Does this only come with Aseprite files, or does it include PNGs and other formats? I don't have Asrprite.

It was made with PICO-8. You can search for the game in Splore if you have the PICO-8 client on your device and want to play it there.

Some more thoughts as I play more...add a restart option when game over. It happens a lot, lol, so easier than resetting the cart.

Is there any "herding" logic build in? I can't tell...but would be nifty if as you walked around (and your dog) it would push the sheep towards the middle or something. Something that makes it feel like I have a little more control over those sheep banging into the edges. The stealer guys are rough! Or maybe save the stealer guys for a later level...start off with the green gobblers?

Also took me a bit to realize the wizard can't get hurt by the baddies and my sheep can't get shot by me. 

Great concept and story! It's a challenge...but feels like a good balance after a few plays. I'm trying it on a keyboard but seems like a gamepad will be necessary. Music adds a lot too.

Keep refining, it's a good one!

Agreed. I thought the weapons were equal to lives at first but then realized weapon power-ups are few and far between. If the power-ups were more plentiful those could be your health and if you get hit with pea shooter, game over. OR...since they have the mechanic of rewind, if you rewind too far, then it's game over.

I dig it a lot! Nice style and love the colors. Good bullet patterns with a solid challenge. Love the sound on that big green laser guy too! Bravo for adding an autofire option in the menu, thank you!

The only thing I found myself waiting for was power-ups during the level. I get it's a big reward from each boss but getting those upgrades as you go (and then maybe losing them) can add a lot to the experience. Getting them only with the boss and then losing them after one mistake made me not really care if I get them at all.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the report. I'll investigate and see what I can repair.

Thanks for playing. I’m glad you found it fun. Don’t forget to try for some of the achievements!

I would like my Mega Pack of games to be considered for listing. It's a compilation of games I've made with PICO8. The download includes all 7 games in one with menu selection. Itch page:

All games in the pack made by me: Alien Harvest, Invader Overload, Buzz Kill, Bustin', Mass 360, Bullet Cave, Bunyan's Rage

Thank you.

Interesting idea! So you were thinking a mode where 2 players were both looking for eggs? Or was it a competitive idea? Or one player is alien, and other is soldier? Hmmmm...good idea. I'll definitely think about that for a follow-up game. The current game won't support more features, but I'll keep your idea on the list. Thanks for playing!

My high score 40,780...but in some ways, the score isn't a real fair comparison because you can just sit on the early levels and rank up points without advancing. Since the honeycombs regenerate, there's always more bees. But...if you play like a normal person that's trying to get to the end of the game, then score is definitely a decent way to see how well you're doing. Hope you continue to play and have fun!

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Thanks for the play through and review. Glad you had fun and continue to play. It has a retro style but also has a retro challenge's not easy. Managing the smoke to freeze honeycombs is definitely key to advancing. Worth noting too that the smoke acts as a shield against bee bullets and also slows them down if they fly through it.

And I hope you check out some of my other games...they're all arcade play styles. If you like Invaders, check out Invader Overload, it's a trip.

Just hit F9 while the game is playing and it'll save a GIF.

The manual has all the hot keys and stuff listed out. 

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Thanks, Paul. And thanks for your feedback during development. You helped make the game what it is.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let your friends know :)