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I like it, despite being a platformer I like that the movement is fluid and precise. I also liked that the trajectory of your steps is painted when you move and that the implementation of the limitation required by the Jam is quite clear.

It's a simple game but with an interesting idea, I like that the theme of the Jam is well implemented, my only but is regarding the excessive shaking of the camera when shooting, which if can be somewhat annoying.

Maybe the concept is not so original but it is a fun game to pass the time and visually I like it. 

I based my physics on this tutorial:

In my game the player can't jump, so the physics is best reflected in the flashes that appear in normal mode, plus I only applied the colliders to a single planet in the center of the screen. 


I will keep this in mind for a future update, but will have to wait a couple of days while the GMTK evaluation is finished.

I like the concept and it goes well with its design. Overall it's a game to have a good time, solving puzzles.

Estamos en esta época del año en la que tenemos el GMTK, aunque para mi será el primero. Además, es la temporada de conferencias de videojuegos y nuevos proyectos en esta industria que sigue creciendo. Espero estén viendo el E3, Sumer Game Fest y otros eventos asociados.

Pueden estar impresionados o decepcionados por todos los nuevos juegos que están por salir, pero hay que ser conscientes de cómo se encuentra la industria en estos tiempos, además nos sirve como referente para analizar nuevas tendencias y fuentes de inspiración para futuros proyectos, aunque también sirve para darse cuenta de que es lo que satura el mercado evitando minas en las que ya no hay oro.

Respecto al GMTK 2021 está vez les traigo una novela visual, cuyo desarrollo se encuentra más a detalle en el devlog que he creado.

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I recently set out to make a visual novel for GMTK 2021 using your system. :D

We are in this time of the year when we have the GMTK, although for me it will be the first one. Also, it's the season of video game conferences and new projects in this ever growing industry. I hope you are watching E3, Sumer Game Fest and other associated events.

You can be impressed or disappointed by all the new games that are coming out, but we must be aware of how the industry is in these times, also serves as a reference to analyze new trends and sources of inspiration for future projects, but also serves to realize what is saturating the market avoiding mines in which there is no more gold.

Regarding GMTK 2021 this time I bring you a visual novel, whose development is more detailed in the devlog I created.


Some time ago I set out to carry out this project, initially I thought I would take a whole year to complete it, but I decided to cut it short after a few months.


After creating a base I started to think and analyze that my qualities were deficient, and I needed to improve them a little. 

However, I didn't want to leave something half done and I decided to make a final for this first work.

For the moment I have decided to opt to participate in the Jams to project my own effort and then in the future finish or create something much better than what I did before.

Even so, I will recommend until the end to people who want to make video games to try, it can be something as simple as 4Blocks another game that I make, something like what Cold the game is or try to take this opportunity with by participating in the Jams.

In this last case it doesn't matter if you get the last place, I got a 70th place with Isekai Joke With Campbells Soup, the goal is to prove to yourself that you are really interested in this.

The idea is to understand how these projects are developed in the flesh and identify the deficiencies that are found in each one in order to determine where to improve or who to look for to improve our projects.



Hace tiempo me propuse llevar a cabo este proyecto, inicialmente pensaba en tomarme un año entero para completarlo, pero decidí cortar luego de algunos meses.

¿Por qué?

Después de crear una base me puse a pensar y analizar que mis cualidades eran deficientes, y necesitaba mejorarlas un poco.

Sin embargo, no quería dejar algo a medias y me dispuse a hacer un final para esta primera obra.

De momento he decido optar por participar en los Jams para proyectar mi propio esfuerzo y entonces en un futuro terminar o crear algo mucho mejor que lo que hice anteriormente.

Aun así, recomendaré hasta el final a las personas que quieran hacer videojuegos que lo intenten, puede ser algo tan simple como 4Blocks otro juego que realice, algo como lo que es Cold el juego o intentar aprovechar esta oportunidad con participando en los Jams.

En este último caso no importa que obtengas el último lugar, yo obtuve un 70vo lugar con Isekai Joke With Campbells Soup, el objetivo es demostrarte a ti mismo que realmente estas interesado en esto.

La idea es entender como se desarrollan estos proyectos en carne propia e identificar las deficiencias que se encuentran en cada quién para así determinar en que mejorar o a quien buscar para mejorar nuestros proyectos.

I have continued with my training practicing with BandLab to create better audio tracks and although the ones I bring you now are not complex at least I want to help people who are going to participate in GMTK 2021.

I hope you can share the projects that used some of my compositions by leaving a link in the comments.

He continuado con mi entrenamiento practicando con BandLab para crear mejores pistas de audio y aunque las que ahora les traigo no son complejas al menos quiero ayudar a las personas que van a participar en el GMTK 2021.

Espero y compartan los proyectos que utilizaron alguna de mis composiciones, dejando un enlace en los comentarios.

I post some of the projects that I have done to make them known to the community. 

Publico algunos de los proyectos que he realizado para darlos a conocer a la comunidad. 

A game of action and a bit of exploration. / Un juego de acción y un poco de exploración.

A mobile game where you have to make inequalities. Yes, that mathematical operation. / Un juego mobile donde se tienen que hacer desigualdades. Sí, esa operación matemática.

A game made for the Paint Jam, focused on the story. / Un juego realizado para el Paint Jam, enfocado en la historia.

You can find the loop in:

An interesting experience, the visual section is well worked in addition to the sound effects accompanying properly and the terrifying atmosphere of the scene is felt until the end, it is certainly a good tribute.

Some observations regarding the gameplay. When walking, it is noticeable that the character advances faster than the transition between frames and on the part of the stairs the movement of the camera feels strange.

저는 번역기를 사용하고 있습니다.

흥미로운 제안 시각적으로 나는 그것을 아주 매력적으로 찾는다.

게임의 모든 측면을 조정하고 이야기가 매력을 갖도록 노력할 때 노력을 볼 수 있습니다.

공포 소설을 만드는 추가 점.

현재 나는이 프로젝트의 최종 배포판에 대한 계획을 확실하지는 않지만, 당신은 crowfounding을하려고 노력해야합니다.

그건 그렇고, 당신의 스크린 샷은 당신의 게임에 대한 정의를하지 않습니다. 당신은 다른 겁을 질 수 있습니다.

물체와 상호 작용하거나 게임의 작은 부분의 비디오를 만드는 데 몇 가지 스크린 샷이 필요합니다.

Observations: It is somewhat confusing, it would be nice if you had a brief manual either on your page or within the game to know what the controls are.

Something difficult to control when attacking, sometimes it got bugged and could not attack. I think that since there is direct contact between the player and the enemies, you should use some attack pattern for the latter, such as changing their color when they attack or that they charge, for example, more than anything to know when the player will be hit for them.