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I would love to be able to play your game but I can't run the boom.exe because it seems your assets were not exported with the build.

I am getting an error : not found in BCA-ArchiveFile

When is the game jam theme being announced?

I think somehow people are having issues with the start of the game being silent, when you start the game try to turn the second slider up, the little audio symbol. The start of the game takes a long time to start because there are voicelines being said to the player explaining the story of the game and the reason for being on this adventure. Anyways thanks to everyone that has reviewed and rated my game so far I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Love the concept, I had trouble wrapping my head around how to do some of the puzzles but really enjoyed everything about it! Very well made!

I really enjoy the simplistic art style and I also love the concept of recording your movements.

I genuinely loved everything about it, I am actually craving for the rest of the game now! Incredible job!

Loved the concept, I had this sort of idea at the start too but moved onto something else. I'm so glad to see that someone did it, and did it well! Only think I would suggest would be maybe to add an option to speed up in some parts since some stretches were long and got a little boring just waiting for the plane to move. Overall awesome game!

I love the idea of the game and the level selection area is awesome. I just am not 100% if it fits the theme but I can kind of get it. Great work!

I loved using the actions of the previous character in combination with the next character to solve puzzles. Such a unique idea!

I really enjoyed the concept of the game. I got stuck pretty quick but love everything about it!

Not to sure how to fire bullets it didn't work. The rewind mechanic also didn't work. But still good job.

I love the concept, its a little frustrating when you keep running into yourself and you fall back a few times but that's probably because I'm bad at it. Great Job!

I loved the concept of literally resetting a scene of a movie to rewind it, it took me a little while to figure out exactly how it worked but I really enjoyed playing it and trying to last as long as  possible! Great job!

Holy crap I love the concept of the game, creates a puzzle out of such simple mechanics, no complicated elements or anything but it still ends up creating an awesome little game!! Great Job, I'm 17 and wouldn't have been able to come up with such a sweet idea!

I loved the concept, really awesome puzzle like mechanic. I do believe I see where the theme would fit in but that mechanic never worked for me, I would select the box but pressing q did nothing so I was a little confused. Great game other than that, such an awesome idea!

I like the concept of throwing in different game styles with their mechanics, I struggle to see the theme in the game but the graphics, audio and concept itself is pretty good!

The game is very well made and I love the rewind and sprint mechanic. Got stuck on a level but all the way up to that point it was very satisfying and fun to play! Keep up the great work!

A little lack luster but I loved the music in the background

I loved the graphics and audio but after a while it got a little repetitive.

Loved the gameplay and the simplicity of the mechanics. Gets tough for sure, I made it to level 11.

I apparently am just really bad at these types of games so it was tough but I had some laughs,  I really like the concept of winding the chain while fighting off the invaders. Great work!

I love the art style and the concept of rewinding the person to their previous life. A suggestion I would like to make is to make it a little more clear what the Left and Right Stove do as well as what was going on with the boat. Besides that I loved everything else! Great work!