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I forgot its name, but the crab in her hair.

There should be only one build, version 1.1. Do you still see 1.0?

Seems pretty cool, I think you did a great job at translating the look and feel to PS1 style graphics. But it's really hard for me to play because movement inputs seem weirdly unresponsive. Sometimes I'll press a direction and it'll take more than a full second for Isaac to decide he feels like walking. Not sure if this is just a bug on my end.

get good

Sensitivity can be lowered in the settings. The hitstop when you hit the ball is intentional.

Here it is.

Pause (Esc) and it's one of the options. There are different icons for different characters. Select the icon, unpause, then the character will change next time you load a level.

Pretty fun! Strategically choosing dice to go for specific goals instead of just trying to get the highest number is pretty cool.

Mostly I just have nitpicks, but those nitpicks were enough to hurt my enjoyment. Text is so slow, and having a new conversation in nearly every room made me just start skipping through it pretty early on. Repeated text (especially the "go find more dice if this is too hard!" when resetting your roll) kinda tested my patience. And the close map button not being in the same place as the open map button irritated me every time I looked at the map.

But I played through to the end despite these nitpicks, which is more than I can say for a lot of other games, so clearly it didn't ruin the experience.

Solid idea with good execution! I could see a whole RPG based around this battle system.

My main complaint is I wish the dice roll went faster and didn't cover the screen. As is, it kinda pulled me out of the battle a bit.

Oh, jeez, that's some strong praise lol. I don't really know what to say, so I'll just say thanks!

Cool idea, rolling the die to decide which spaces are safe. I think controls could be more responsive, and one hit kills are frustrating. I also wonder if there could be some risk/reward element to grabbing dice, instead of them just outright being a negative thing that makes the game harder. Also the pink background on the page fried my retinas.

It took a few turns to figure out what was going on, but once I got it, it was pretty cool. I like the concept of rolling hit points and then deciding which of your units gets what, and also choosing between element or health dice at the end of each turn.

But I do think the battle phase could be a bit more interesting. As it, it's more or less just hoping you roll the winning element and putting it in the appropriate place. And if you get the right roll, there's not really anything the CPU can do about it.

If you were to do more with this, I wonder if having the players take turns placing dice could make the battles more interesting.

I tried to play it like golf at first, but once I figured out you could roll again before landing, I had fun building up speed and zooming through the level. I wish the level design was built around that more, because the cramped mazes with death traps, blind drops, and dead ends that wasted dice rolls weren't nearly as fun. I feel like this could be a really good speedrun game with the right levels and a more zoomed out camera.

This feels like an NES version of a board game that doesn't exist. Pretty fun! I could definitely see potential in this idea, especially if you wanted to expand to multiplayer.

Haha, clever take on the theme! Pretty simple but fun. But Firefox kept opening up the search bar when it did the bottom row, which was kinda frustrating. Obviously not the game's fault, though.

If my opinion matters at all, I'd forego the menu altogether. Instead of the buttons being Open Menu and Attack, I'd have 3 buttons: Attack, Equip Next Die (cycle through them), and Reroll Current Die.

Opening a chest automatically fills up as many dice as you can hold. Because why would you not want to take a die? And your dice are just permanently on the HUD, like in the corner of the screen.

And if you want to get rid of a die, you just press Attack and you'll uselessly throw it away, like throwing away a weapon in Breath of the Wild.

But that's just what I'd do! I don't want to tell you how to make your game.

Neat idea. I think it would be a lot more fun if the system was simplified though. Having to freeze in place, sort through an inventory, and equip items didn't feel like it meshed well with a retro 2D platformer.

Pretty interesting idea. I was expecting an RPG but it's really more of a puzzle game. Difficulty increases pretty fast though. I got stuck on the second room with arrows.

Pretty nice, like a small scale Risk that doesn't take a week to finish.

Fun little puzzle game! I like how quickly you communicate the core mechanic without even explicitly saying anything. Just two intuitive buttons in, I was like, "Ah, okay, I see what this game is."

I also like how you threw in the twist with the stoppers after a few puzzles. Though, I did feel the stoppers were a lot more forgiving than having bottomless pits if you make a mistake, so I wonder if maybe they should've come first.

My main issue is that not being able to see every side of the die led to a bit of trial and error at points.

An interesting idea! A bit frustrating and confusing as is, but I could see something here with some iteration. I'm imagining a Battle Network sort of game where you collect panels and customize your dice.

My show got cancelled for being too dramatic when one of the contestants bought an NFT. 10/10

Browser or download?

There's going to be one more update. One level, a final boss, and general improvements/refinements to the rest of the game.

It should've come out months ago, but it's been put off due to life/work/getting distracted by other projects/general laziness. But now I'm buckling down and getting to work on it, so it should hopefully not be too long.

Pretty unlikely. Porting a game to any other platforms is already a big job, and porting to phones specifically presents a lot of hurdles - in particular, I'd have to totally rework the controls to work on a touch screen, I'd have to ask players to sideload it to get around the app stores, and I may have to optimize it for the weaker hardware because it's a very unoptimized game.

It feels weird to have a movement challenge this late into a game that's up to this point been about puzzles, but I don't see any other options. But at the same time, the dodging kinda seems like it's pure luck. I've tried to get through a bunch of times and almost got to the end once, and then a duck just spawned on top of me.

I've really enjoyed the game up to this point though. It's really impressive for just a week of work.

100% justified lol

Oh, that's weird. We'll look into that.

Hmm, that's weird. Do you also get it through the browser? I think itch would be able to help you more than me.

No need to apologize, I 100% understand. I imagine this is the experience most players will have with the game.

Did you press Enter? I didn't really do a good job at communicating that you have to do that, I'm pretty bad at menus.

It's fine. A lot of people don't realize it's in the game and didn't think to try. I should say it somewhere in the game.

It already has Xbox/Xinput gamepad controls.

Press Esc to pause. Press down until you get to Quality. Press left/right to change it. Press Enter to confirm.

The sound files aren't stored as sound files. There's no way they could just be missing.

Give me as much information as you can think of, and tell me everything you've tried.

What version of Windows are you using? Do you get any sound in the browser version? How many audio devices are connected to your computer? Have you tried running the game without the headphones plugged in? Have you tried restarting your computer? And anything else you can think of that might be relevant.

My only guess is that maybe the game is trying to output to an audio device that's muted. Like if you're trying to use headphones, maybe it's trying to output through the speakers, but the speakers are muted.

I need more information. Is the volume set to 0 in the pause menu? Are you getting sound from other programs? Do you have headphones plugged in? Can you see the game in the Windows volume mixer?

I like Gura too. That's why she was the first alternate character I added to the game, and why there are three versions of her.

But there are nearly 50 members in Hololive. As much as I'd like to give all of them a completely unique stage and make them playable so everyone's favorite is fully represented, that's just not realistic. You're right that I don't have deadlines, but I still have limited energy. I've been working on this game that I can't monetize for nearly a year, and I'm kinda burned out. I need to finish it up.

The Reflect level didn't happen because I thought, "Well I want to make a Gura level, but I don't want to actually put any effort into it."

It happened because I thought, "Oh hey, this red shader I accidentally made is pretty cool, but it wouldn't fit on this IRyS level since her whole thing is black and white. Maybe I could use it on an alternate to the IRyS level so this update can have two levels? But what song could I use? Oh hey, the red effect plus the gravity mechanic could fit the dark reflection theme of Reflect. Have the whole level reflected on the bottom, and the second half of the level is traversing the same obstacles but in the opposite direction. And since the next update will be the last, with a Kiara level and Calli boss fight, this level would give Gura at least some stage representation."

I'm sorry you don't think I did Gura justice. If you want more dedicated Gura content in a fangame, I recommend GuraQuest.

I put exactly as much time and effort into this update as I wanted to. I'm happy with how it turned out.

I'm making the game I want to make. I hope other people enjoy it, and I'm open to good faith criticism that would help more people enjoy it, but at the end of the day I'm making it because I like making it and I'm sharing it because other people seem to enjoy playing it.

If you're so unhappy with my game that you feel the need to fling insults at me, calling me lazy and accusing me of making excuses, then you're free to play something else or make your own.

The Gura stage only exists because I realized I could reuse the assets of the Irys stage to make a different kind of stage. I know it's not as exciting as a more uniquely Gura stage would've been, but I'm a solo dev with limited time, energy, and artistic talent.

The choice wasn't between that or a more uniquely Gura stage. The choice was between that or no Gura stage.