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Fun and challenging. Good game👍

You are WELCOME fellow SONIC fan!

Thanks for considering.

Okay, I didn't realize there was a cannon.😅

You're welcome

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You did quite well for your first jam. It's a learning curve so don't be so hard on yourself. Just work on your game and get better, that's most important. All the best.

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A simple yet fun game!  Consider adding a colorful background.

Beautiful pixel design and really good sounds. Enjoyed playing.

The game is really well-made. With synced nature sounds that makes you feel you're a jungle. The sounds of the triceratops is pretty cool as well. 

I wish there was a guide to make it a bit clear on what to do next. 

Anyways, got stuck after getting the dinosaur to where the lady is tied to a tree.

Liked it! Very fun to play once you get used to the mechanic.

Fun cards game. Completed it with no sweat!😅

It's really good game once you understand how it works.

Looking forward to an upgrade.

Fun, challenging, well synced bg music and sounds. 

Mechanics and aesthetics are well executed. 

Everything about this game is on point. Loved it!

Wow! Splendidly made shooter game. Couldn't get passed wave 1. The game poses quite the challenge.

Challenging and yet fun game. Really did a number my fingers though hahaha....

I score 700. Good game and fun mechanics.

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So ooo good!! The big monster was undefeatable every one of the laser guns were rendered unless. All I did was run till I got to "to be continued after the jam". I enjoyed the game. The character designs were cool, liked the cats hahaha....And the adjustable ray guns as well as the double ray gun the player carried. Would love to see the game continued...

Would have loved to play more of the game. But didn't know how to. Pls add an instruction guide.

Husky's artwork looks adorable. This fun and great work for your first build. In the future you could consider making it more challenging by speeding up the blocks when a score threshold is met. Anyways good game.

Loved the storyline for the game. BG music and sound effects were good. There was just so much to do in-game, that made it engaging. But navigation was a bit challenging. Really had fun good game.

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The waves of enemies made the game challenging. Liked the players movement across screen. But I think the screen size needs some adjustment. Cool game. 

The screen size needs a bit of an adjustment. It was way too big to fit on pc. Other than that good game. The BG music is cool and the storyline is catchy. The art style is simple and those enemies are relentless.

Really liked this game. It is very suited for the play store with its casual gameplay. Though it needs a score system, bg music and sounds.

This is a really fun game. The mechanics are very simple and addictive. All it needs are bg music, sounds and a highscore system.

Cool UI's with fun customizable features. But needed a how to play guide though.

Had fun with this game. I like Alisa's cute character and the game's emotional storyline. The BG music is great as well. I do feel the game needed more obstacles but good game.

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Really well made game. The idea of rebuilding after an earthquake is neatly executed. 

This is a very well made construction game. The mechanic is simple yet fun, and the aesthetic gives the feel of a construction site in modern day civilization.

You're welcome

Cleared the first 10 levels. This is a fun physics game!

How did you get 100 blocks?

Can literally feel the tipping point.😀

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Loved the artwork of the pharaoh, has a very unique pose😁. UI's are great adding up to the overall aesthetic. The game is simple to play and really beginner-friendly. I also liked the bright sun positioned behind. 

Would love to see some additional stages.

Score: 56😅

This is a simple and fun game, with great ui, and background music. Nice!

That would be cool!

Okay! I didn't realize the garage was under the

Alright! All the best.