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Moldy Cheese Studios

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Could you make a walking animation for this pack? I will be featuring it as the main character in my 2D platformer.

Yo, I'm an experienced godot programmer, but I'm not the greatest at art, I could help you out if you could help me out with art for my game....

Hey Guys,

Moldy Cheese Studios consists of two people, me- Game Dev. and monsterkam11- Graphic Designer and we are launching our first project called The Land Of Alzent. A side-scroller RPG with user-choice driven story. I hope to be launching a prototype either this fall or next spring, the game is a lot of code b/c it is mainly boss focused. There isn't anything that I can release as of yet, but I should have a demo up by the latest this fall.

Take care Guys,

Moldor and monsterkam11

Moldy Cheese Studios